Our Top Beauty Products of 2024

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Looking for a way to up your beauty game this year?

Vine Vera has you covered! Whether you want to iron away the appearance of wrinkles, lighten the look of dark spots, or simply give your skin a bright and radiant glow, these are the beauty products to turn to:

The Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30

Cabernet Day Cream

It’s no secret that the sun causes serious damage to the skin. In fact, up to 80% of the wrinkles and dark spots that you develop over the years are down to sun exposure. This is a well-known statistic, yet many still neglect to adequately protect their skin from the sun, citing inconvenience as one of the main reasons. 

That’s why we developed the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30. It’s a two-in-one product, acting as both a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Hybrid sunscreens, just like this one, are set to soar in popularity in 2024, making this one of the beauty products that you absolutely need to try. 

There are several noteworthy ingredients in this cream. In addition to its UV-blocking agents, it’s also packed with antioxidants. Resveratrol, green tea extract, and vitamin E come together to keep the skin feeling even more safeguarded against sun damage. Meanwhile, aloe vera and glycerin provide long-lasting hydration, leaving the skin looking soft and dewy. 

The Resveratrol Cabernet Plump & Correct Treatment

Resveratrol Cabernet Plump & Correct Treatment

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could instantly erase the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles on your face? With the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Plump & Correct Treatment, you can! 

This revolutionary solution is capable of restoring the youthful complexion that you once enjoyed in a matter of seconds. These effects are down to the fast-acting ingredients that have been incorporated into the formula. With a blend of sodium hyaluronate, DMAE, and acetyl hexapeptide-8, it gets to work straight away, leaving the skin looking smoother and tighter.

What sets this product apart from other beauty products that also promise instantaneous results is that this formula works beautifully in the long term too. It’s brimming with antioxidants and plant stem cells. These tackle the appearance of skin aging over time. Use it weekly and you’ll soon notice your face taking on a firmer and younger-looking finish.

The Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum

Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum

Looking for a multi-tasking serum that will enable you to tackle several of your visible skin concerns at the same time? This is where the Vine Vera Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum shines.

This silky serum offers up so many benefits, which is why it’s one of our most-loved beauty products. For starters, it will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is ensured by the numerous vitamins and antioxidants in the formula. It’s a superstar at lightening the look of dark spots too. With kojic acid and peptides, it will leave your skin tone looking much more even.

If that wasn’t enough, this also happens to be an incredibly hydrating serum. It’s packed with humectants, including sodium hyaluronate, seaweed extract, and glycerin. Even better, all of those ingredients, as well as the others in this formula, are wonderfully lightweight. This makes the serum suitable for all skin types. Those with dry skin will love how it hydrates and softens the feel of the skin, whereas those with oily skin will appreciate its weightless sensation and the inclusion of witch hazel extract to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

The Vitamin C Power Set

Vitamin C Power Set

Vine Vera’s Vitamin C Power Set features three standout beauty products, each one worthy of a place in your daily skincare routine. You’re probably already aware of how beneficial vitamin C can be for the skin, and each of the products in this set contains at least one form of the antioxidant.

Let’s start with the Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling. Unlike many other exfoliators, which use either chemical or physical exfoliants, this one contains both. However, it utilizes gentle forms of each one. This means that it won’t be too harsh on your skin yet it will get the job done beautifully. The addition of two types of vitamin C, along with vitamin A, vitamin E, and resveratrol, will give your skin an extra boost of antioxidants at the same time.

Next up, we have the Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum. Again, it contains two forms of vitamin C. The visible effects of the ingredient are enhanced by the other vitamins and antioxidants in this formula. It’s one of the best beauty products around for brightening and tightening the look of the skin.

Finally, the Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer. Shea butter gives it a velvety feel yet it still sinks into the skin quickly, taking a long list of antioxidants and hydrating compounds with it. Purchase it on its own and it will work wonders on your complexion, but use it with the other two products in this set and the results will be even more impressive.

The Resveratrol Cabernet 60-Second Eye Solution

Cabernet 60-Second Eye Solution

With the skin that surrounds the eyes being thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the face, this area is prone to problems that the other parts of the face may not experience. The appearance of puffiness, for example, or dark circles, both of which become more common with age.

A good eye serum and eye cream can help with this, but those beauty products often don’t work immediately. However, this is where the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet 60-Second Eye Solution can step in and make a difference. This is another of our fast-acting skincare products, one that addresses eye-related visible skin concerns in just 60 seconds. It’s a lightweight formula that the skin quickly drinks up, meaning that you can easily apply makeup over the top if you want to.

The unique applicator that comes with this product makes it so easy to use as well. Simply push down on the top of the product to release a small amount of the solution from the other end. The applicator can then be used to spread the product onto the targeted area of your skin. This will save you from having to use your fingers.

The Resveratrol Tightening Neck & Chest Mask

Neck & Chest Mask

Sheet masks are fantastic beauty products. They’re capable of deeply hydrating the skin, with the barrier that they form over the skin’s surface helping to encourage the skin to absorb a greater percentage of all of the ingredients within the mask. However, there’s one problem with the majority of the sheet masks out there – they only cover the face, leaving the neck and chest mask-less.

Why does this matter? Because the skin on your neck and chest has more in common with the skin on your face than it does with the skin on your body. This means that it’s just as susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and the many other visible skin concerns that face masks aim to target. Yet, it’s often neglected, which is why it tends to develop signs of aging sooner than the face does.

That’s why we created the Resveratrol Tightening Neck & Chest Mask. It’s a hydrogel sheet mask that has been soaked in a hydrating serum solution. Drape this mask over your neck and chest and that serum will be released onto your skin, leaving it looking fuller, plumper, and smoother.

The Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks Limited Edition

Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks

We’ve talked about neck and chest masks, so now let’s turn our attention to eye masks. These beauty products have become increasingly popular lately, with more and more people raving about their benefits. They’re a great way to give the eye area some extra TLC, which helps with the unique issues that this part of the face often encounters.

This is exactly what the Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks Limited Edition does. It’s filled with ingredients that smooth, brighten, and perk up the look of the skin. At the same time, this botanically-rich formula also keeps the skin feeling soothed and calm, reducing the appearance of puffiness and inflammation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to pamper your eye area, this is one of the beauty products that you need to try this year. If you’re tempted, make your move soon. Being a limited edition product, these masks won’t be available forever!

The Resveratrol Cabernet Travel Kit

Cabernet Travel Kit

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having to change up your skincare routine when you’re traveling, simply because your current beauty products are too large to fit into your luggage. Sure, you could decant them into smaller containers but, let’s be honest, that can be quite the hassle, especially when you already have plenty of other travel-related stressors to deal with.

However, if you’ve turned to Vine Vera for your moisturizing needs, the Resveratrol Cabernet Travel Kit makes life so much easier. This cleverly-designed container features two of our moisturizers; the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Moisture Day Cream and the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Night Cream. 

With this set, both your daytime and nighttime moisturizing needs will be covered. Both creams are exquisitely hydrating, with the night cream boasting a slightly richer consistency than the day cream. However, they each contain a decadent blend of plant proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. They’ll give your complexion the moisture that it needs, no matter the time of day. The best part is that this set is small enough to be conveniently packed. You could even store it in your hand luggage and it wouldn’t take up much room!

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If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your skincare routine and finally see the improvements in your complexion that you’ve been striving for, the beauty products that we’ve featured above will no doubt get you there. Pick the products that best target the visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with, use them regularly, and you should start to see a noticeable difference in your appearance in no time!

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