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Treat Yourself to a Mom Makeover

When you turn MOM upside down, you get “WOW,” and that’s what makeovers do. A mani-pedi, a new wardrobe, or a little Botox injection can go a long way to mom-empowerment.  Here are some of the recommendations for flipping the script on Motherhood. Mani-Pedi Ombres, fluid nails, aquarium nails or maybe just a reverse French? […]

Woman picking on a pimple

Urge to Pick? Do This Instead

Pimples have power. They may not have a brain or even much of a height and girth, but they do have power. It’s in the way they sit on your face smugly looking at you as if to say, ”Whatcha gonna do about it?” Nothing? Impossible. You won’t let it talk to you that way, […]

Beautiful smiling middle-age woman on the couch

The Perfect Skincare Routine for Your 50s

Whether or not your intention is to be able to galavant around the world wearing minimal amounts of clothing or to simply remain looking youthful and beautiful, the maintenance of your skin is very important, more so as you age. Collagen levels naturally deplete and skin starts to sag as a result. Why it never […]

Woman touching her temples and looking into the mirror

Try These Lifestyle Habits to Slow Aging

Lifestyles that prevent aging don’t have to be lifestyles of the rich and famous. You don’t have to have own private yoga instructor or personal chef to slow the aging process. Nor do you need your own spa and steam room, or Botox injections delivered upon request. There are some lifestyle habits that we can […]

Thoughtful young woman with glasses and dark hair holding a cup of coffee

Back-to-Office Skin Care 101

So it’s back to the office, and you’re not the only one that’s having a hard time with it. Your skin is going ballistic. The days of endless sun and open air have been replaced with days of endless cubicles and commitments. Can you keep your rosy glow without losing your desk job? Of course you […]


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