Here’s What the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream Will Do for Your Skin

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Moisturizers are a non-negotiable in any skincare routine. They’re responsible for keeping your complexion soft and dewy. So, they’re a must for everyone who wants a supple, glowing appearance regardless of skin type.

But picking out the perfect moisturizer can be a challenge, especially when there are trendy options everywhere, from the drugstore to your favorite high-end beauty store.

The key to a good moisturizer? The right blend of botanical ingredients, exquisite oils, and skin-loving vitamins to help target multiple visible skin concerns all in one go.

One that fits that description to a T is the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream, one of our bestselling products here at Vine Vera. Let’s do a deep dive into this day cream, its unique blend of ingredients, and what it has to offer you and your skin.

The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is Packed with Good Ingredients!

Resveratrol infographic

One of the stars of our coveted Cabernet Collection is the sophisticated and luxurious Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Moisture Day Cream.

It’s a daily cream you can use in the morning to make sure your skin feels soft and looks smooth and dewy before you even start your day. Designed for dry, mature skin, it’s rich and creamy to give your skin the moisture it needs to feel plush and supple all day long.

This cream is filled to the brim with some of Vine Vera’s signature ingredients. This includes the phenomenal resveratrol, making the cream a fantastic first foray into resveratrol skin care if you’ve never dipped your toes in it before.

Other ingredients in the cream include sunflower seed oil and shea butter. These natural oils make the formula rich and silky. They moisturize your skin just enough to keep it feeling velvety smooth and soft.

It also has vitamin E to add even more softness to the skin and niacinamide to help combat an excessively oily look (but more on that later!).

As you can tell from its ingredients alone, there’s a lot the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream can do for your skin. That’s why it’s been dubbed one of the Vine Vera must-haves! If you need more proof that this day cream is awesome, check out these seven things it has to offer you and your tired skin.

1. It Quenches the Thirst of Your Dry Skin

Dealing with dehydrated skin can be super stressful. Not only does dryness feel uncomfortable on the skin, but it also leads to a flaky, patchy, dull-looking complexion.

Sometimes, you’ll splurge on expensive serums and toners that will hydrate your skin temporarily. But then, after a few hours, you’ll feel like your skin is just as dry as when you started. It’ll feel as if those products simply evaporated from your skin.

If this sounds like something that happens to you, try replenishing your skin with moisture by using a cream formulated with natural oils and butters. The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is the perfect example of this because it’s made with fabulous ingredients known to relieve dry skin.

One of the key ingredients in the cream is shea butter. This thick and creamy natural oil is rich in fatty acids, making it feel super moisturizing and softening for the skin. It also makes the cream feel indulgent and rich. It’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the must-try skincare ingredients for dry skin.

It also has sunflower seed oil for extra moisture. This is a non-comedogenic oil, which means it absorbs into your skin without clogging the pores. 

2. It Minimizes the Visibility of Wrinkles for Younger-Looking Skin

Woman applying Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream

The one thing all women dread as they get older is getting wrinkles. As you get older, your skin starts to dry out more. It also gets thinner because of wear and tear over the years, making it more prone to roughness, scaliness, dry patches, and of course, those annoying wrinkles.

When people start to see wrinkles and fine lines on their skin that weren’t there before, the knee-jerk reaction is to look for ways to reduce the appearance of these signs of aging. Some people will turn to Botox; others to expensive laser treatments. But something as simple as moisturizing can already help out by a ton, especially if you use the right cream.

Properly moisturized skin is less susceptible to visible wrinkles than dehydrated skin. It also helps minimize the look of fine lines that have already developed on the skin. So, we highly recommend using the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream if you want to reduce the look of existing wrinkles.

Resveratrol, the star ingredient of the cream, is very promising when it comes to minimizing the look of skin aging. It’s been found to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles significantly, especially when formulated alongside vitamin E — yet another ingredient found in the moisturizer.

3. It Helps Lessen the Appearance of Dark Spots for a Radiant Complexion

The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream gives you dewy, “glass” skin because of its lush ingredients and velvety texture. It makes your skin instantly more glowy and radiant.

But the cream also works another way to help make your skin look brighter and more even-toned: it helps fade the visibility of dark spots on your skin.

Resveratrol, one of the powerhouse ingredients in the cream, has been found to help in lightening the look of pigmentation on the skin. This is a huge deal for those who are prone to acne and scarring afterward.

This is one of the more underrated resveratrol benefits that can transform your skin’s appearance. If you have issues with skin pigmentation, don’t sleep on this cream!

4. It Soothes the Feel of the Skin to Reduce the Look of Redness & Inflammation

Cabernet cream

When your skin is inflamed and irritated by things breakouts or the sun, blood rushes to your face. As a result, your skin looks flushed and overly red. Inflammation is also a huge problem nowadays in the autumn months for those who have eczema, thanks to more frequent flare-ups caused by the cold.

If you find that your face has been getting more prone to redness, know that the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream can help fix that.

Resveratrol, an ingredient in the cream, is known to reduce the look of redness on irritated skin by soothing it when it’s feeling irritated. This makes it look calm and glowy instead.

The cream also has vitamin E. This is a vitamin known to improve the look and feel of flare-ups from sensitive skin conditions, like psoriasis.

Needless to say, the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is the perfect cream to have on hand to ensure that the harsh cold doesn’t make your skin look red all day. It’s just one of the many reasons you need a resveratrol cream in your routine if you have skin that’s prone to visible redness and irritation.

5. It Helps Keep Your Skin Feeling Less Oily and Greasy

People with oily skin sometimes get tempted to skip the moisturizer. This is because they think it will make their skin even oilier. But this is ridiculously far from the truth.

If anything, skipping moisturizer will trigger the skin to produce even more sebum. This is because it’s so dry and thirsty for moisture. That’s what ends up breaking you out and making you look like a shiny disco ball.

So, use a moisturizer right after cleansing and toning to keep that from happening. When you moisturize properly, your skin won’t have to go into overdrive to overcompensate.

The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is a great moisturizer for this because it hydrates the skin just enough to keep your skin looking balanced, never excessively oily.

Another reason why this cream is perfect for keeping that greasy look at bay is that it boasts niacinamide. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B that has been proven to reduce how oily your skin looks. It’s awesome for making your skin look a little more matte!

6. It Smoothens the Feeling of a Rough Texture

Woman with good skin

Rough, flaky skin is common if you have naturally dry skin. And in the colder winter months (which are just around the corner!), when the wind is harsher, a rough skin texture can happen to almost anyone.

Roughness in the skin can also happen if you’re acne-prone and have been getting a lot of comedones and blackheads on your skin. Not only does your skin look riddled with blemishes, but you also have to deal with that rough, patchy feeling when you touch your face.

Luckily, there’s one thing you can do to keep your skin feeling smooth — moisturizing. A high-quality moisturizer can help smoothen the feeling of your skin, at least temporarily.

The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream has plenty of softening ingredients, like sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. These work together to make your complexion a little smoother in feeling and appearance. This makes for an excellent canvas before putting on your makeup for the day!

7. It Brings That Suppleness and Bounce Back to Your Appearance After Cleansing

Have you ever washed your skin thoroughly with a cleanser, patted it dry, and felt it get tighter and more uncomfortable as you move your facial features? Some might think that this tight feeling is a sign of having cleansed your face well. However, it’s actually a sign of skin damage from overwashing.

When you wash your face, you’re eradicating all the oils and sweat on it. This is generally a good thing. Unfortunately, many cleansers out there also wash away the natural moisture protecting your skin from dehydration. So, when you wash your face too hard, you dry it out and leave nothing on its surface to make it feel hydrated and comfortable.

One way to make your face feel supple, bouncy, and comfy again after cleansing is by using hydrating products afterward, like a moisturizer.

Since we’ve already established that the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream feels ultra-moisturizing and softening, it’s the perfect follow-up to your cleansing routine.

How to Incorporate This Illustrious Day Cream Into Your Routine

Woman holding Cabernet Collection cream

Wondering where in your skincare regimen you should place your Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream? Here’s how it should go in your routine.

First, cleanse your face with a high-quality cleanser. This step helps you wash away the grime from the dirt, sweat, and makeup that accumulates on your skin after a long day.

We recommend using the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Mousse Cleanser for this. It lathers up into a luxurious foam to wash away all the gunk on your face without stripping it of hydration.

Then, follow up with some toner. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Toner pairs nicely with the cleanser we just suggested. It’s infused with resveratrol and cucumber fruit extracts for that super soothing feeling as it sinks into your skin. This preps it for your next step — the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream.

It’s best to apply the cream on your skin while it’s still damp from the toner. Pro tip: applying your moisturizer on damp skin helps it absorb deeper into the skin!

If you’re planning to head out for the day, you can follow up with the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30 to protect your skin against the sun. Not only does it have SPF, but it contains green tea, vitamin A, and resveratrol as well.


The Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream has so much to offer. It quenches your skin when it’s feeling extra dry and minimizes the look of fine lines.

And thanks to unique, innovative ingredients, like resveratrol, it can even reduce the look of redness and dark spots. It’s a dream day cream for anyone who experiences all these visible skin issues and more!

We hope you enjoyed our little behind-the-scenes look at the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream. There will never be enough good things to say about it, and you’ll understand what we mean when you try it out yourself.

Next time you’re replenishing your stocks for your day cream, give yourself a luxurious treat with this rich cream and experience smooth, luminous, and younger-looking skin!

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