How to Reduce the Appearance of Aging Skin

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As teenagers, we’re all in a big rush to become adults and leave our youth behind. But once we become that adult we were racing to be, we realize it comes with a price; aging skin. Did you know that aging skin starts to show around the age of 25? Once perfect, youthful skin, plump and full of life, soon slowly starts to lack the luster it once had.

There are great makeup products on the market to enhance the illusion of a younger you and reduce the appearance of aging skin, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep that youthful glow even after the makeup comes off?

Aging is a natural process. As time goes on, it’s normal for your skin to become more dry and thin. Lines start to show around your eyes and mouth, and your skin’s elasticity begins to weaken. But good news! With products and tools that are now readily available, you are able to reduce the appearance of aging skin at any age and slow down that dreaded process.

How? Stick with Vine Vera – we’re about to explain.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Shiraz Instentic Facelift cream

Being dehydrated has negative consequences on your body, as well as your skin.

When your skin is dehydrated, it becomes dry, dull, rough, wrinkled, and uneven. This leads to skin looking even older than it is.

By keeping hydrated on the inside as well as the outside, you can easily reverse the signs of dehydrated skin.

To hydrate from the inside, make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. And as for hydrating from the outside, it’s as easy as applying moisturizer to your skin twice a day.

There are many different moisturizers on the market now, for every skin type and every level of moisture. This can make it hard to know what to choose. Well, Vine Vera makes it easy for you with our whole line of facial moisturizers that are guaranteed to hydrate and reduce the appearance of aging skin. 

Still can’t decide? Try the Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Face Lift – it’s packed with potent anti-aging compounds.

Just by retaining the right amount of water, your skin will begin to plump back up and become smoother. Wrinkles will be less visible and the elasticity in your face should return to normal.

Follow a Consistent Skincare Routine

Shelf of Vine Vera skincare products for summer

In order to keep skin looking and feeling its best, having a consistent skincare routine is a must.

Depending on who you are as a person and your needs, your skincare routine may be as simple as cleansing your face twice a day and applying a moisturizer. While for others it could be the same but with additional steps, like exfoliating, toning, serums, and more.

What you use really depends on your current state and the needs of your skin. Obviously, a 25-year-old wouldn’t need the same strength in an anti-aging product as a 55-year-old. Although we may all require different skincare routines, everyone should start with the basics. Then, add formulas in to customize your routine for your own specific needs.

You should be using a gentle cleanser on your face twice a day, every day, especially after sweating heavily. A moisturizer is a must for morning and night, but be sure to use something with SPF for daytime use (even when it’s not sunny!) to protect your skin. 

Want to keep things simple? Try Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30. This is a moisturizer and a sunscreen in one lush product. It’ll hydrate and protect at the same time – ideal!

Other regimens you can add to your routine include exfoliating 1-3 times a week, eye creams, serums, face masks, and the use of different skincare devices. You’ll find all of that and more available at Vine Vera.

Invest in Vitamin C

Resveratrol and Vitamin C products

Your skin and body need vitamins and nutrients to perform and function at their very best. And one of the top essential vitamins for reducing the appearance of aging skin is vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It protects your skin from environmental damage, such as free radicals, and it also plays a big role in collagen production. As collagen rebuilds, it smooths out lines and wrinkles and hydrates to plump up your skin to bring back that youthful glow.

Vine Vera has a complete Vitamin C facial collection available to browse. Products include a cleanser, moisturizer, serum, exfoliator, and even a lip balm. Every formula in this collection is jam-packed with vitamin C, making them the perfect way to reduce the appearance of aging skin.

Protect Yourself From UV Light

Vine Vera SPF cream

As we mentioned earlier, UV light is one of the top leading factors contributing to ageing skin. The powerful rays from the sun damage your skin’s outer layer as well as the inside. Even worse, as global warming continues to rise, so does the power of these UV rays that reach your body.

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to avoid it altogether, but you can’t hide inside forever! Some of the other, more realistic ways to protect yourself from UV light are to wear sunscreen everyday, do not tan outside or in a tanning bed, wear sunglasses and a hat, limit how much time you spend in the sun, and keep your skin covered as much as possible.

The very best way to reduce the appearance of aging skin from sun damage is to prevent it before it even happens.

Treat Your Skin to Resveratrol

Pinot Noir Phyto Silk for getting rid of dry skin

Resveratrol is becoming more popular among skincare brands for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Resveratrol is found and extracted from the skin of red grapes. It is great for reducing and smoothing wrinkles, improving elasticity, calming inflammation, and brightening and evening out skin tone. Its properties help to neutralize the different impurities in the body, protect the skin, and prevent any future damage.

All of Vine Vera’s facial products contain the magical ingredient resveratrol, and for good reason. With so many beneficial properties, we all need a little resveratrol in our lives.

Try a Skincare Device

Jelessi eye wand to treat yourself with

It’s not just all creams and serums. These days, with all the readily available technology we have at our fingertips, there are many devices to help reduce the appearance of aging skin on all parts of the body.

These devices use stimulation and different colored light wave therapies to achieve results. The benefits of using skincare devices are relieving tension, increasing blood circulation, eliminating toxins, reducing puffiness, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, and the smoothing of lines and wrinkles.

For optimum results, these devices should be used directly on top of your moisturizer or serum for 5-10 minutes a day. Use them regularly – ideally, two to three times a week.

If you’d like to check out some of these skincare devices, Vine Vera has a selection to choose from depending on which specific area you’re looking to treat. 

Nurture Your Eye Area

Vine Vera products

The eye area is a problem for most people when it comes to aging skin. As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to darken and lose elasticity and collagen. This leads to dark under-eye circles and wrinkles.

The skin around your eyes is a lot more sensitive and a great deal thinner than the rest of your face. Because of this, the products you use around your eye area should not be the same products you use on your body or the rest of your face.

Vine Vera has some powerfully effective eye creams and serums available, so you can choose the best product to suit your specific needs. Not sure where to start? We’d recommend the Resveratrol Eye Collection Age Defying Eye Serum. It’s a lightweight formula that will plump up the skin around your eyes.

Just by reducing the appearance of aging in the eye area, you can make a huge difference to your overall look.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

salt scrub with background

It’s not just your face that ages, but the rest of your body too. Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ and makes up about one-seventh of your body weight?

Although your body isn’t as exposed to environmental elements as much as your face, it still takes a toll when it comes to aging. As we naturally age, our skin becomes dryer, loses elasticity and fat cells begin to break down. This makes our skin sag and become less firm. And if you are or were someone who goes tanning, either in the sun or in a tanning bed, your skin is damaged from being exposed to UV light, as we discussed earlier in this article.

Also, if you’re someone who takes hot showers, you’re contributing to dehydrating your skin even further.

There are many creams and lotions out there to help reduce the appearance of aging skin on your body. They work by hydrating and firming, and a lot of them now also have age-fighting properties incorporated into them to help reduce the look of aging skin even further. 

Our Salt Scrub is a great example. It’ll slough away those rough, dry, and discolored cells on your body, leaving it looking luminous. Top this up with our Intensive Shea Body Butter for soft, supple skin all day long.

Drop Bad Habits

Woman quitting smoking

As if cigarettes and alcohol weren’t bad enough for your health, they also have serious negative consequences for your skin too.

Consuming alcohol depletes the fluids and nutrients in your skin, leaving it dehydrated. And as we know from earlier in this article, dehydrated skin causes wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and premature aging.

Smoking cigarettes is even worse for your skin than alcohol. The nicotine in cigarettes actually constricts blood vessels. This reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing into your skin. Along with dehydrating your skin, the chemicals in cigarettes contribute greatly to premature aging, wrinkles, yellowed skin, and reduced elasticity.

While it’s entirely up to you what you do, quitting cigarettes and alcohol can really make a huge difference in reducing the appearance of aging. It will also, of course, improve your health too.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Woman eating healthy to reduce the appearance of aging

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just beneficial for your skin, but for your whole body. When you give your body exactly what it needs to be healthy, it functions in the way it’s supposed to.

In today’s world, it’s easy to avoid healthy choices. People’s lives are busy. But these busy lifestyles are not healthy ones. We now have drive-thru and quick packaged processed meals to make life easier. But overtime, the lack of nutrients, and unhealthy ingredients quickly take a toll on the body.

Our bodies need certain nutrients to perform every function the way they were intended to. However, in today’s world, most of these foods we buy actually have little to no nutritional value.

In order for your body and skin to perform properly you need to consume a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals from healthy natural foods. Make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants. Add in some healthy fats too and you’ll be well on your way to fading those wrinkles!

What Actually Causes Your Skin to Age in the First Place?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

There are several factors that contribute to skin aging. Let’s take a look at some of the most common:

  • Natural Aging – As you get older, different parts of your body change. You experience loss of fats and elasticity, skin becomes thinner and more fragile, and will even bruise or tear easier than it once did.
  • UV Light – Ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun, as well as tanning beds, is the leading factor that contributes to your aging skin. The UV rays end up breaking down different components that make up your skin and cause damage. This results in wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and more.
  • Air Pollution – You’re more highly affected if you live in a largely populated city, but pollution is becoming a big factor in accelerating the aging process of your skin. Exposure to chemicals that contribute to air pollution can result in dry, sensitive skin, an uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and dull, stressed-out looking skin.
  • Stress – Not only do constant facial expressions from stress cause wrinkles and deeper lines, but stress also changes different levels within your body, like hormones and proteins. This can lead to dry skin, acne, rashes, and dark under-eye circles.


You may never get back to looking like your 16-year-old self, but if you follow these 10 tips for reducing the appearance of aging skin you can definitely bring back that luster you once had. Not only will you look younger in the mirror, but by taking care of yourself, your body will start to feel younger too — on the inside as well as the outside.

Looking for more anti-aging products to bring back your youthful spark? Check out the full range available from Vine Vera here.

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