The Biggest Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Everyone wants skin that looks flawless and healthy. This is exactly why so many people put a huge amount of time, effort, and money into skincare.

However, there’s so much conflicting beauty advice out there, making it surprisingly easy to follow the wrong path when it comes to caring for your skin. If you’ve been struggling to see improvements in your complexion from the products that you’re using, this could be down to a few common mistakes that you may unintentionally be making.

Today, Vine Vera is going to help you to put things right. Read on as we share some of the biggest skincare mistakes that people make, along with tips on how to turn this around to ensure that you’re giving your skin the love and care that it actually needs.

Forgetting to Apply SPF

Cabernet Day Cream

There are so many environmental factors that damage the skin, but the sun is the most dangerous. Those UV rays are ultimately responsible for causing up to 90% of the visible signs of aging that you develop on your face. This means that everything from the appearance of wrinkles to dark spots to dullness could have been prevented with the use of sun protection.

Of course, let’s not forget that the harmful effects of the sun run even deeper. UV rays contribute to the development of skin cancer, with this being the most common form of cancer in many parts of the world.

As you can see, failing to keep your skin adequately protected from the sun can have devastating consequences, yet this is still one of the most common skincare mistakes that people make. There are a few reasons for this, with most people stating that they find SPF to be an inconvenience that also doesn’t feel good when applied to the skin.

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30 provides the perfect solution. This silky cream functions as a fully-fledged sunscreen, yet it’s also a high-quality moisturizer in its own right. Apply it as part of your morning skincare routine and not only will you be giving your complexion the moisture boost that it needs to see it through the day, but you’ll also be shielding it from UV damage.

Falling Asleep With Makeup On

Cabernet Mousse cleanser

Ever stumbled home after a late night and crawled into bed with a full face of makeup on? 

It’s easy to understand why so many people do this. After a long day, and sometimes also an even longer night, it can be difficult to summon the energy to remove all traces of makeup and then follow a skincare routine. 

However, while that may be the case, sleeping with makeup on has a hugely detrimental effect on the skin. For starters, all of those makeup products will end up being pushed deeper into your pores, resulting in blockages and pimples. Make this a frequent habit and chronic inflammation will soon become the norm.

Not only will this leave your skin looking blotchy and unhappy, but it will also accelerate the skin aging process. You’ll be exposing your skin to so many free radicals as your makeup products oxidize on your skin. This will result in you having to deal with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so much sooner in life.

If you’re guilty of climbing into bed without removing your makeup, it’s time to break this bad habit. To save yourself some time when you’re particularly tired, find a cleanser that also doubles up as a makeup remover, doing away with the need to use two separate products. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Mousse Cleanser meets the mark on all fronts. The richly satisfying lather produced by this cleanser will effortlessly sweep away all of your makeup. At the same time, it’ll also get rid of any other impurities that may be lingering on your skin’s surface.



There’s no denying how crucial it is to regularly exfoliate your skin. No matter your skin type, exfoliation is essential for clearing away the dead skin cells that pile up on the skin’s surface and in pore openings. It becomes even more important as you age. Over time, your skin’s ability to naturally shed those dead skin cells declines. Exfoliating is the perfect way to pick up the slack.

With exfoliation offering up so many benefits, it’s easy to get carried away. Some people go overboard when it comes to how often they exfoliate, while others stick to a suitable frequency but use an overly harsh exfoliator. Either way, both result in a damaged skin barrier. This can then cause a variety of skin problems to arise. Everything from dehydration and acne to excessive dryness and sensitivities can be attributed to over-exfoliation.

What’s the solution?

To start with, find an exfoliator that gets the job done well without subjecting your skin to sharp abrasives or harsh acids. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling, which exfoliates with a gentle blend of mandelic acid and bamboo powder, would be a great choice!

The next step is to work out how often you should be exfoliating your skin. There isn’t a simple answer to this because everyone’s skin is different. If your skin type is oily, you’ll likely need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. On the other hand, those with dry skin often only need to exfoliate once a week.

If you happen to notice the signs of over-exfoliation, stop exfoliating immediately. Give your skin a few weeks, at least, to recover before gradually introducing an exfoliator back into your skincare routine.

Ignoring Your Neck and Chest 

Neck & Chest Mask

Technically, your neck and your chest are considered to be body parts, rather than being a part of your face. This is why, when it comes to skincare, many people ignore the neck and chest when carrying out their facial skincare routines. Instead, these areas are treated in the same way as the skin on the body is.

Unfortunately, this is another big mistake to make. Sure, anatomically, your neck and chest belong to your body. However, when it comes to your skin, these areas actually have more in common with your face. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your neck and chest is relatively thin and fragile – much more so than the skin on the rest of your body. 

This means that, like your face, the neck and chest are highly susceptible to damage. This is why the neck and chest are so prone to wrinkling and sagging, whereas the rest of the body tends to keep its youthful appeal for longer.

The good news is that fixing this mistake is easy. All you need to do is include your neck and chest in your regular facial skincare routine. This means that everything that you apply to your face, from your cleanser and serums to your moisturizer and SPF, should be applied to your neck and chest too.

If you’ve already started to notice the visible signs of aging and damage creeping up on your neck or chest, it would be worth investing in one or two skincare products that have been designed specifically for this area. Take the Vine Vera Resveratrol Tightening Neck & Chest Mask, for example. This hydrogel mask works wonders on the look and feel of the skin, giving it a smoother, tighter, and more elastic finish.

Applying Skincare Products in the Wrong Order

Do you follow a specific skincare routine each day?

Hopefully, the answer is yes. A regular skincare routine is what’s needed if you’re hoping to see an improvement in any aspect of your complexion.

However, one big mistake that people make is applying the products in their skincare routine in the wrong order. This may not seem like a big deal but it could potentially mean that all of your efforts have gone to waste. Getting the order wrong could prevent some of your products from properly penetrating your skin. As a result, they won’t work in the way that they should.

The most basic rule to follow when it comes to putting together the various steps of your skincare routine is to go from lightest to heaviest. After cleansing your face, turn to your lighter products first, such as essences and serums. Then, move on to your thicker products, such as your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Easy enough, right? Sure, until you start taking the exceptions to the rule into account. For example, when it comes to active ingredients that are targeting a specific visible skin concern of yours. Whether it may be an acne treatment or a specialized wrinkle solution, these are often best applied immediately after cleansing, no matter how thick they may be. This way, they have direct access to your skin cells without any other products blocking the way.

Exfoliation and masking can also get confusing. Ideally, you want to exfoliate after cleansing, before you apply a toner, serum, or anything else. Face masks are usually applied after cleansing (and exfoliating, if you’re doing that too). This will save you from removing any of your other skincare products when you’re rinsing/removing your mask.

Becoming Complacent Once You See Results From Your Skincare

It’s all very well to dedicate yourself to skincare when your complexion is sporting a few troubled areas that you’re trying to eradicate. Seeing those skin concerns in the mirror each day is the perfect motivation to up your skincare game.

However, use the right products and it won’t be long before they start to work. This is when many people make a crucial mistake. Once they see the results that they were aiming for, their skincare efforts begin to falter. Sometimes, people even stop using certain products altogether, believing that they’re no longer needed.

Once this happens, it doesn’t take long before those original skin concerns rear back up. Consistency is vital when it comes to skincare – getting complacent will only set you back.

Instead, once you’ve noticed that your skincare products have been delivering on their promises, keep them going. You may want to adjust the products that you’re using based on the results that you see but, whatever you do, staying on track with your skincare is the key to maintaining your new and improved complexion.


It’s so easy to make a mistake when you’re a skincare newbie, only to fall into the habit of continuing to make that same mistake for several years. This is why it’s so important to regularly reassess your skincare efforts. If you can relate to any of the common mistakes that we’ve shared above, take the necessary steps to turn this around so that you can ensure that you’re giving your skin everything that it deserves.

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