6 Ways Exfoliation Can Get Your Skin Glowing

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Exfoliation has been a cause for debate in the skincare community for ages. Some people believe that exfoliation isn’t a necessary part of your daily skincare routine. And while that’s true, it doesn’t imply that exfoliation is to be completely overlooked. It has many benefits for enhancing the overall look and feel of your skin. The key lies in knowing when and how often to exfoliate.

If you’re still on the edge about exfoliation, perhaps this read will convince you of its value! Vine Vera is here to talk about the many ways in which exfoliation can become your new skincare BFF. We also have some sensational exfoliation products infused with advanced skin care ingredients to pamper your face and make it glow.

Vine Vera’s Exclusive Exfoliating Products

Before diving into the details of how exfoliation benefits your skin, let’s talk about Vine Vera’s premium exfoliating products:

Cabernet High-Potency Cellular Peel

Vine Vera Cellular Peel

If you’re looking for the perfect powerful peel that works on all skin types, our Cabernet High-Potency Cellular Peel will certainly win you over with its sensational results!

This revolutionary exfoliation product is meticulously formulated to provide exceptional exfoliating results while deeply cleansing and hydrating your skin. The unique formula infuses cleansing ingredients with glycerin, a skincare superstar moisturizer that will leave you with skin that appears soft, fresh, and radiant.

We recommend using this peel no more than twice a week. For best results, follow up with our Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Moisture Day Cream.

Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling

Facial peeling

Treat your skin to the finest ingredients that the skincare world has to offer with our Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling. This powerful cleansing exfoliator is carefully formulated with rich botanical extracts, including our prized resveratrol ferment extract. The formula incorporates a host of leading skincare ingredients to effectively rid your face of impurities and makeup, giving your skin a refreshed, clean, and smooth look! Let’s take a closer look at what these ingredients are and how they benefit your skin:

  • Vitamin C — The formula is infused with two types of vitamin C — ascorbic acid and ascorbyl palmitate — to brighten the look of your skin and diminish the visibility of sagging.
  • Phospholipids — These are one of the most powerful humectants that nature has to offer. They help seal in moisture and support your skin’s natural hydration process.
  • Vitamin E Acetate — This ingredient works to diminish the look of damage, hyperpigmentation, and age spots.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate — As a mild form of vitamin A, this ingredient works on all skin types to diminish the appearance of acne and aging on your skin.
  • Mandelic Acid — This gentle AHA is a sensational exfoliating ingredient that not only helps remove dead cells but also works to diminish the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.
  • Bamboo Extract Powder — When it comes to exfoliating ingredients, bamboo powder is a great pick! As an ultra-fine powder, it acts gently on your skin, giving it a smoother and healthier appearance.
  • Jojoba Esters — Jojoba esters work sensationally to reinforce your skin’s natural barrier function and increase hydration in the skin.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract — Green tea is a powerhouse skincare ingredient that works on many levels to enhance the skin’s overall look and feel! It diminishes the look of damage and aging while effectively relieving dryness.

With all these rich ingredients at play, our Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling formula promises to leave your complexion looking instantly fresh and renewed. For the best results, we recommend using it once or twice a week, depending on your skin type.

Fades the Visibility of Discoloration

Hyperpigmentation refers to the common skin condition where some parts of your skin appear much darker than others. This can be very frustrating to deal with as many underlying causes could result in the increased production of melanin — your skin’s natural pigment. It could be due to excessive sun exposure, natural aging, hormonal imbalance, acne scars, or injuries to your skin.

If you have trouble with dark spots on your face, you need exfoliation to turn things around! By breaking down your skin’s dead cells, exfoliation helps reveal your fresh new skin underneath. This will give you a more uniform, even look over time. 

Enhances the Efficacy of Other Skincare Products

Shiraz Instentic Facelift cream

When dead cells take residence on the surface of your skin, your pores can become clogged. This hinders the absorption capability of your skincare products, giving you unsatisfactory results from your daily skincare routine.

Research shows that chemical peels are great for promoting the penetration and absorption of other topical treatments. Exfoliating regularly removes dead skin from your face and reveals the layer of fresh, new skin underneath. This allows your products to penetrate more deeply into your skin, enabling them to do their job and benefit your skin.

This is especially true for serums that incorporate high concentrations of specific ingredients to target your skin concerns. With exfoliated skin, these ingredients will work more effectively on your face, delivering the results you’ve always been looking for! That’s primarily why you should never underestimate the power an exfoliating product can have on your overall skincare routine.

Diminishes the Look of Pores

When you exfoliate, you rid your skin of dead cells that clog up your pores. This way, all the surface debris is cleaned out from your pores, reducing the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads on your face considerably.

As residual gunk and external particles steer clear of the surface of your skin, you won’t need to worry about the unpleasant look of obvious, clogged pores. By regularly exfoliating your face, you can nip the problem in the bud with ease!

Revitalizes Your Whole Complexion

Exfoliation can change your whole skincare game as it works as a sort of complexion renewal technique. Some people might call it a “detox” for your skin as it purifies and cleanses how the skin feels.

This technique will help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy at the surface level. It functions on many different levels as it not only improves the tone and texture of your complexion but also makes your skin appear much firmer than before!

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Reduces the Appearance of Breakouts

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, you’ve probably tried every treatment you can find under the sun in the hopes of curbing the issue. Well, have you tried exfoliation? Research has shown that chemical peels that incorporate salicylic acid can help diminish the look of acne on your skin considerably.

Not only that, but this powerful BHA can also help reduce the appearance of other skin conditions, including freckles, photodamage, liver spots, and melasma.

However, if not carried out properly, exfoliation can do a lot more harm than good. Abrasive techniques can aggravate your condition and make things much worse for you than how you started.

To put it simply, don’t try to “scrub off” your acne with physical exfoliants. A gentle chemical exfoliant with a low concentration of AHAs/BHAs might do your skin more justice. It’s always best to start slow and mild and see how your skin reacts to it.

Gives You Younger-Looking Skin

Everyone wants to know the secret to keeping their skin looking younger. While there’s no time machine or a magic elixir that can take you back to your younger years, exfoliation can help you get pretty close to the results you want.

When dead cells take up space on your skin, they give you a dull, dry, and aged look. Exfoliation is one of the best techniques you can employ to keep your aging skin looking more youthful and refreshed. By removing the top layer of dead cells, exfoliation helps improve the complexion’s texture and tone. Maintaining a regular exfoliation routine can help fade the look of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and saggy skin. You will notice that your skin looks much smoother and firmer than before!

Get the Ultimate Exfoliation Results with Vine Vera!

Vine Vera Cabernet Peel

The process of exfoliation is a natural occurrence for your skin. However, with natural aging, our skin’s capacity to renew itself slowly depletes. This is where chemical and physical exfoliants come into the picture. By ridding your skin of impurities and dead skin every week or so, you can help give it a healthy glow! Exfoliation is a great skincare technique to help reveal your inner beautiful skin, keeping you looking younger and more luminous than before!

Now that you’re well-versed with the numerous ways in which exfoliation benefits your skin, don’t forget to take a look through some of Vine Vera’s bestselling skincare products, including our powerful exfoliating gels.

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