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Posted on February 15, 2016
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The winter blues isn’t just a saying, it’s actually a very common experience. Dark, dreary days and limited greenery and sunlight can significantly impact your happiness and can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Winter depression can be a difficult and painful experience for people, and even if you don’t suffer from severe depression, winters can negatively affect your mood. This week, Vine Vera takes a look at ways that you can naturally boost your mood and power through the rest of winter with a positive attitude.

Vine Vera Cosmetics starts the week by taking a look at the somewhat misunderstood vitamin F. Vitamin F is actually not a vitamin, but instead it is an essential fatty acid that is required for natural biological processes. Your body does not synthesize vitamin F, meaning that you have to look to your diet for these fatty acids. Next, Vine Vera Cosmetics takes a look at caffeine and skin care. Does caffeine dry out your skin? Is caffeine an effective skincare ingredient? Find out this week on Vine Vera Cosmetics. To end the week, Vine Vera Cosmetics takes an in-depth look at Japanese Knotweed which is used in the production of Resveratrol supplements. Learn more about what resveratrol is and how it can benefit you at Vine Vera Cosmetics.

Vine Vera WordPress addresses the theme of mood boosting by focusing on physical activity and its required components. If you’ve ever heard the saying “you’re just one workout away from a good mood,” you may want to pay attention because it’s true. Engaging in exercise outdoors adds an extra mood lifting effect, since being in nature helps to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Learn how to find the right shoes for your outdoor activities, so that you can workout safely and comfortably. Then, discover some moisture-wicking fashion and why you should be looking into these items. Lastly, the outdoors is a great place to be, but it can be hard on your skin. Visit Vine Vera WordPress to learn how to protect your skin before a hike and how to repair it afterwards.

Your physical appearance is important to how you feel and it affects your mood, so Vine Vera Giveaway focuses on how to care for your skin this week. One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to be sure that your pores are thoroughly cleaned, so Vine Vera Giveaway opens the week by discussing three cleansers that are great for opening up your pores and thoroughly cleansing them for clearer skin. Next, learn how to achieve softer, more radiant skin – which is something everybody wants during the winter months, but it can be difficult to achieve. Winter is rough on your skin, and it can throw your face, and body, out of whack. Find out how to restore balance and moisture to problematic skin on Vine Vera Giveaway.

Vine Vera features two posts this week that are aimed at naturally boosting your mood. The week begins with a post that looks at three of the most fundamental things you can do for your health – both physically and emotionally – but that are often treated as luxuries rather than necessities. Find out why you need to set aside time to exercise, time to connect with nature and get some (safe) sun and why you have to make sleep a priority. To close the week, Vine Vera discusses several ways that you can boost your mood. Learn some new ways to boost your mood – yes, shopping can count if you do it correctly – and revisit the essentials such as a balanced diet and heading outdoors.

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