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Fabulous and Fashionable After Forty

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It seems just a few years ago, the words “forty-year-old woman” conjured images of demure wardrobes, generic make up, and outdated hairdos. Now the term is more likely to conjure up a supermodel in a bikini surrounded by her young children and handsome husband. More and more frequently, women are realizing that life doesn’t end at 30, rather it starts at 40, and that the word ‘style’ is still very much a part of an older woman’s vocabulary.

Choose the Right Colors

Turning 40 does not consign you to colorless neutrals. Rather, the right colors will enhance your coloring and make you look healthier and younger. This goes for hair as well as clothing. If you’re considering a change in hair color, reevaluate your skin tones to find the colors that suit you best. Then go shopping for some clothes in your new color scheme.

Pay Attention to Fit and Style

You can still dress in the latest styles, but you can’t skimp on quality, even when it comes to your undergarments. Schedule a professional consultation to find out your exact underwear size and which clothing best suits your body shape and proportions. You will find that tailored pieces can emphasize your best features, whereas shapeless clothing will hide your strong points, as well as your unflattering ones. Your primary aim should be maintaining the look of a well-proportioned figure.

Mix and Match

The last decade has shown a huge shift in the propriety of office wear for older women. Separates replace full suits, which offers more freedom to mix things up. Ditch the boxy blazers and padded shoulders in favor of tailored jackets, pencil skirts, trousers, and jeans. Wardrobe essentials include a leather jacket, a crisp, white shirt, a knee-length pencil skirt, a trench coat, and low-heeled pumps.


You can rock a great pair of jeans at any age, just avoid the mom jeans. Experiment with different styles and sizes until you find the ones most flattering to your figure.Look for something between a low rise and high rise, and try to avoid embellishments, holes, and colorful embroidery. Stick with cotton denim with 2 to 3% lycra for a comfortable give and a sleeker silhouette. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, you may want to purchase a few to wear with a classic white shirt or blouse.

Hair and Makeup

Hair can hide a multitude of sins. Bangs, angles, layers, highlights and lowlights can be a woman’s best friend in drawing attention from unwanted lines and wrinkles. Also, keep in mind that grey hair does not automatically mean old age and many women are comfortable capitalizing on their silver highlights.

Don’t overdo your makeup. Heavy layers of blush and foundation can weigh down your face and make you look older. Keep makeup soft and subtle. Accentuate the eyes, use a natural blush on your cheeks and a pale lipstick.

Are you fierce and over forty? How do you do it? Let us know.

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Dressing for Your Body Type

Woman trying on red dress in front of mirror

When you hear people say to dress for your body type, you may immediately jump to number measurements like your height and weight. The thing is, body type really has very little to do with how tall you are or how much you weigh. A slim woman may have the same general body shape as a curvier woman, or a tall woman may share a body type with her short friend. Below, learn what the common body types are and how to dress accordingly.

First Determine Your Body Type

As we just mentioned, body type has so little to do with how much you weigh or how tall you are. Instead, body type is all about proportions and dressing for your body type is figuring out what cuts and styles work best with the proportions you have. The five major body types are:

  • Apple – Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Hudson are examples of apple body types

  • Pear – Eva Mendes and Jennifer Love Hewitt are examples of pear body types

  • Rectangle – Cameron Diaz and Kate Bosworth are examples of rectangle body types

  • Wedge – Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore are examples of wedge body types

  • Hourglass – Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson are examples of hourglass body types

Apple Shape

If most of your weight accumulates above your hips and you have broad shoulders, ribs and back, you have an apple body type. The best way to dress for an apple body type is to elongate the torso, use clothing that creates the illusion of a waist and to showcase your incredible legs. Some of the best fashion ideas for your body are:

  • V-neck tops to elongate your torso

  • Empire tops and dresses

  • Boot cut or flared jeans to create an even line from your shoulders down

  • A bra that fits perfectly and that offers good support and lift

  • Shorter skirts to show off your legs

Pear Shape

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a well-defined waistline and a rounded bottom, you have a pear-shaped body. Clothes that emphasize your waist and arms, add volume to your shoulders and help minimize your hips are ideal for your body type. Specific items of clothing to look for include:

  • Boat neck and square cut tops

  • A-line skirts

  • Jackets that hit right about your waist

  • Nude pointy-toed heels to elongate your legs

  • Strapless dresses that highlight your gorgeous arms

Rectangle Shape

If your waist, hip and shoulders are all very similar in size, then you have a rectangle body type. While weight isn’t indicative of body types, rectangle body types do tend to be on the slim side as a general rule. You want to create the illusion of curves and show off your arms and legs. The following clothes are all great pieces for rectangle body types:

  • Dresses that have cinching, especially on the sides

  • Scoop or sweetheart necklines

  • Tops that have accents like ruffles, collars and other details to flatter your chest

  • Skater-style skirts to create a bit of volume

  • Layer pieces to create more dimension

Wedge Shape

If you have a wide chest and broad shoulders compared to a smaller waist and hips, your body type is wedge, also known as the inverted triangle. Your ideal fashion focus is to soften your broad chest and shoulders while accentuating your lower body. Clothes that help you achieve great balance when you have a wedge body type are:

  • Full skirts

  • Wide-legged trousers

  • Tops with ruching on the sides to create a more exaggerated waist

  • Bootcut or flared denim

  • High-waisted pants or skirts

Hourglass Shape

If you have shoulders and hips that are similar in size and proportion and a smaller waist, you have an hourglass body type. The most important fashion guideline for hourglass body types is to pick clothing that accentuates and flatters your curves. Items of clothing that help you achieve this include:

  • Wrap dresses

  • Skinny or straight jeans

  • Belts worn at the waist

  • Fitted dresses – avoid anything too baggy

  • High-waisted skirts

It’s important to remember that no matter what body type you have, if you love something, you can make it work for you. Fashion is about personal expression and while there are certain styles, colors, cuts and fabrics that naturally enhance your body type, you aren’t limited to only these items. Have fun experimenting with different pieces that make your body look great and that make you feel confident and beautiful.

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Shopping Queen Theme

Woman in heels with red shopping bad

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Guide to Men’s Summer Style

Fashionable man enjoying the summer sun outdoors

Summer, a time when temperatures rise and layers are shed. It is easy to get lazier with your style along with a more carefree attitude toward life in the summer. Guys will likely be drawn toward hanging out in a tank, board shorts and flip flops. In your haste to welcome summer, do not let your style fall by the wayside. Follow Vine Vera’s Guide to Men’s Summer Style to keep your look hip even while its hot. The 5 S’s – shirts, shades, shorts, shoes, skin care – are essential to pulling off an easy going but cool outfit at all those great summer occasions: camping, barbecues in the backyard, bonfires on the beach, even drinks under the stars. Find more details in the Vine Vera Guide to Men’s Summer Style.

Infographic on men's summer style