vine vera skin careWe've all been there. We buy a new foundation, cream, or blush that friends have raved about. All of the reviews are positive, and the color looks great in the store. But as soon as you get home and try wearing it, something terrible happens. Your skin has a reaction. You break out, or start to flake. These problems can occur for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because you did not purchase a cosmetic that was right for your skin. Selecting which cosmetics are right for your skin is a skill that everyone needs to learn.


There are different skin types, and this means that your reaction to cosmetics will vary depending on your skin type. Before you choose cosmetics, you need to know which type of skin you have. There are five basic types of skin, so determine which type you have before looking for cosmetics.


1. Normal skin is the easiest to care for. It will not show oil, and it has great circulation, elasticity, and smoothness. It looks clean, feels vibrant, and will continue to look great as it ages.


2. Dry skin feels flaky, dry, and tight. It can easily develop a sallow tone as well as wrinkles. It is prone to aging and irritants. Moisturizing dry skin is essential for keeping it healthy.


3. Oily skin looks greasy and is prone to breakouts. It is not prone to wrinkling or aging, however. Careful cleansing can help to improve oily skin.


4. Combination skin is the type that most people have. Different areas of the face are either oily or dry and therefore require different care. Typically the nose and forehead areas are oily while the cheeks and around the eyes are considered dry.
5. Sensitive skin tends to be very dry. It feels tight and becomes irritated or inflamed easily. It is the most fragile type of skin and requires great care in order to remain healthy.


Once you have determined your skin type you can begin researching the best kinds of cosmetics. Many brands of cosmetics feature different types of products that cater to a particular skin type. You can often find them labeled as dry, oily, normal, or sensitive. Choose the cosmetic that is best for your skin, and you will see a major difference. 


And remember, when it comes to cosmetics, often times you get what you pay for. For serious results, choose an established cosmetic line that has great products, such as Vine Vera.