vine veraThere are countless reasons why people to develop stretch marks. These silvery lines show areas where the skin has been stretched past its elasticity. They can be very minor and barely noticeable or major. Many people consider stretch marks unsightly and look for any way to eliminate them. Knowing how to minimize the appearance of stretch marks can give you more self-confidence when it comes to your skin.

Many people gain stretch marks when they go through puberty. According to Vine Vera, this is because the body grows rapidly during this time of life. This causes the skin to stretch beyond what collagen and elastin in skin cells can handle, and this results in stretch marks.


Like most scars, stretch marks will fade over time. When they first appear they may look purple or have a different texture than the surrounding skin. Over the years of a person’s life, though, stretch marks will lighten and become much less noticeable. Most people, however, still look for ways to further reduce or eliminate stretch marks.


Stretch marks will fade faster with the proper skin care routine. Professionals, such as those at Vine Vera, recommend applying intense moisturizers to the skin every day. These moisturizers usually come in the form of coco butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, or bio oil. These products can help the collagen and elastin production in the skin so that stretch marks fade faster.


If you plan to be at the beach and want to hide stretch marks, then try sunless tanning products. Not only will these products protect your skin from the sun, but they have also been shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You will have an amazing looking tan and confidence in the appearance of your skin.


Make sure that the area of your skin with stretch marks gets good circulation. Circulation promotes cell turnover and helps your skin to begin the healing process on its own. Stretch or work out every day to get the blood flowing throughout your body.  If you follow these tips from Vine Vera you are sure to minimize the appearances of stretch marks and in turn will keep your body free of unsightly marks you may not want.