Happiness is the Key to Inner and Outer Beauty

Posted on April 7, 2017
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Perhaps the reason we are so happiness-obsessed is because inner happiness is the key to outer beauty. Celebrity doctor Deepak Chopra believes that beauty is not necessarily a genetic gift, but that it can be a choice. He believes that beauty can be accessible to all of us if we simply make the right decisions. Chopra revealed how in a recent interview with The Huffington Post.

The Pursuit Of Beauty

It’s no secret that beauty is a highly valued attribute in our society. We often equate it with the ability to receive special privileges and feel that only very few of us are fortunate enough to possess it. According to Deepak Chopra, beauty is not as elusive as many of us would think. He believes that the key to beauty is to stop thinking, “if I am beautiful, I will be happy.” Rather, it is more beneficial to think, “If I am happy, I will be beautiful.”

Finding Beauty From The inside

So, if we need to achieve happiness in order to achieve beauty, how do we go about finding this rare gem? According to Chopra, “There is a rising tide of evidence to show that our cells immediately respond to the inner events in our lives.” He believes that unhappiness affects both the mind and the body and refers to examples of depressed people who find themselves suffering physical illness as a result of their emotional woes. However, it is not this phenomenon that impresses him; rather, it is the fact that shifts in mental activity can affect our physical well-being. While he allows that situations can affect our mental well being, we will eventually recover.

Positive Psychology

Chopra uses two findings of positive psychology as the basis for his suggested strategy. The first is the idea that a happy life is made up of happy days. Hence, we need to start being happy today. If you put off happiness, as in, for example, working at a job you dislike in anticipation of retirement, he believes, cellular changes will amass that imprint misery on your brain. Therefore, by the time of your retirement the damage will have been done. The misery will be so deeply imprinted that it will be hard to think positively.

Happy Days

So what makes a happy day? According to Chopra, happy days consist of pure food and water, good sleep, healthy relationships, helping others, yoga and meditation, a general sense of control, and of loving and being loved. He suggests keeping a journals to track the positive and negative aspects of your life and realizing that you have the power to control most of the things on the list.

The second discovery of positive psychology involves meaningful decisions. It is estimated that 40 to 50 percent of an individual’s happiness depends on the choices he or she makes. Chopra encourages us to grow happy by making conscious and positive choices. And the result? You will be beautiful.

We hope that you achieve both happiness and beauty. Let us know how you weigh in on the subject and keep making the right choices every day!

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