Guide to Men’s Summer Style

Posted on July 15, 2014
Fashionable man enjoying the summer sun outdoors

Summer, a time when temperatures rise and layers are shed. It is easy to get lazier with your style along with a more carefree attitude toward life in the summer. Guys will likely be drawn toward hanging out in a tank, board shorts and flip flops. In your haste to welcome summer, do not let your style fall by the wayside. Follow Vine Vera’s Guide to Men’s Summer Style to keep your look hip even while its hot. The 5 S’s – shirts, shades, shorts, shoes, skin care – are essential to pulling off an easy going but cool outfit at all those great summer occasions: camping, barbecues in the backyard, bonfires on the beach, even drinks under the stars. Find more details in the Vine Vera Guide to Men’s Summer Style.

Infographic on men's summer style

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