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Vine Vera Giveaway is scheduled to post an article titled “Top Glow Inducing Makeup”. A youthful glow is probably the best thing to fall back on when your skin looks sallow. Vine Vera examines the top glow inducing makeup and helps you understand who should use them and why.


Resveralife brings you an exciting Live Well Guide titled “Revel in the Most Pleasurable Time of the Day”. A team of researchers recently conducted a survey with more than 5000 people across 20 countries. The researchers asked participants to describe their experience at different times during the night by rating how 89 aspects applied at that particular moment. According to the results of this survey, most participants reported feelings of pleasure and positivity at a particular time of the day. This led the researchers to believe that most people feel particularly happy at a specific time. Stay tuned to Resveralife to find out more about the happiest time of the day and make the most of it.


Vine Vera Wordpress shall be posting an article titled “Beauty Trends We Wish Would Go Away”. Each year, the fashion world brings forth a number of exciting beauty trends to look forward to and incorporate in our day-to-day lifestyles. However, some trends are so cringe-worthy that we wonder why we let them become popular in the first place. VineVera examines a few unsightly beauty trends that should simply go away.


Vine Vera Stores introduces the best family vacation spots through an article titled “Coolest Family Vacation Spots”. There are a number of family-friendly vacation spots which offer a wide range of options that allow parents to relax while the kids can entertain themselves. Many of the destinations on this list have truly upped the ante when it comes to family-friendly activities and a trip to any one of these destinations is bound to ensure a vacation with some much needed through-the-roof family fun.


Finally, Best Vine Vera introduces some of the essentials that you simply must have in your beauty kits with an article titled “Beauty Kit Essentials”. A woman’s beauty kit is one of her most prized possessions. Whether it’s a small one that she carries to work or a detailed one that is a must-have for travel, there are some essential products without which any beauty kit can never be complete. Vine Vera reviews the most important essentials here.