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What’s So Special About the Vine Vera Eye Serum?

Vine Vera eye serum

Not all signs of aging are made equal. Some wrinkles form faster, some fine lines run deeper, and in certain areas of the face, gravity weighs a little heavier on the skin to induce a subtle sag.

Signs of aging tend to manifest faster in the most delicate areas of the face. One such area is around the eyes.

A 2015 study found that areas with fewer sebaceous glands are more prone to wrinkles. The eye area is not only thinner and more sensitive, but it also has fewer oil-producing glands. This explains why under-eye darkness, fine lines, and crow’s feet have the tendency to show through quickly. 

This is where the best-selling Vine Vera eye serum comes in.

The Vine Vera Eye Serum

Vine Vera has a number of eye care products on our roster, but the one we’re zeroing in on today is our best-selling Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum. With skin-loving ingredients enrobed in a gentle yet effective solution, this Vine Vera eye serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

A great fit for every skin type, the product is free of parabens that may potentially trigger irritation. Even better, like all Vine Vera products, the Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum is cruelty-free and therefore, not tested on animals.

What Causes Aging?

Before identifying the solution to aging, it’s important to tackle what causes signs of aging to manifest in the first place. The truth is that aging is a result of multiple triggers that our skin is exposed to overtime:

One of these triggers is UV damage. According to a 2015 volume of the Antioxidants journal, UV exposure can account for up to 80% of visible signs of aging. These may include dry skin, wrinkling, scalping, and freckling, among others, which may also make the skin more susceptible to cancer risks.

Another cause is pollution. Engaging in daily activities that expose the skin to pollution in traffic-saturated areas has shown links to accelerated aging.

These environmental stressors are just a couple of the factors that contribute to the inevitable equation that is aging.

While getting older will remain unavoidable until mankind invents the time machine, there are ways to keep the telltale signs at bay.

What’s the Deal with Resveratrol?

Resveratrol, an antioxidant derived from red grapes, is Vine Vera’s answer to aging. As our signature ingredient, it’s present across all of Vine Vera’s lines and products.

When included in a skincare routine, this ingredient has the ability to:

  • Fight off UV-induced damage, protecting against the biggest cause of aging
  • Defend the skin against pollution, preventing signs of aging from manifesting
  • Fortify the skin’s protective barrier, defending it against external stressors.

Resveratrol is able to bring these benefits to the table largely because it is an antioxidant.

Put simply, antioxidants stop oxidation from happening, therefore preventing or delaying the production of free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells and result in aging. This is why resveratrol is a potent anti-aging ingredient and the star ingredient of the Vine Vera eye serum. 

The Vitamin C Boost

As wonderful as Resveratrol is, there is no single skin care ingredient that can work miracles on its own. The Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum is no exception.

To boost the effects of Resveratrol, the Vine Vera eye serum harnesses the protective power of other powerful antioxidant-rich ingredients, including:

  • Calendula Officinalis (Marigold) Flower Extract
  • Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract
  • Ascorbic Acid

The last of these ingredients, Ascorbic Acid, is more popularly known as Vitamin C. Another cult favorite in the world of skincare, Vitamin C serves up a wide range of benefits, beyond fighting off free radicals:

For one, Vitamin C deficiency has been linked to impairment in wound healing. Conversely, the same logic applies: including more Vitamin C in your routine can improve wound healing—something especially helpful for acne-prone or sensitive skin. 

Another Vitamin C benefit, and arguably the most popular, is its ability to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. By inhibiting the production of the skin’s natural pigment, Vitamin C can fade stubborn scars and spots with consistent use.

Even better: with continued use, Vitamin C reinforces the skin’s resilience, making it less likely to form pigmented marks in the first place. This is one of the reasons why Vitamin C is a commonly used ingredient in many eye creams and serums.

Lastly, working in tandem with Resveratrol, Vitamin C reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ascorbic Acid signals the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, which can keep the skin looking and feeling firm, curbing the typical signs of aging. 

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

They say that those with oily skin types age slower compared to those with dry skin. This is not a factual claim, however, the belief is not completely unfounded.

Those with higher sebum production (and therefore, more oil) may be more prone to breakouts. But, this also makes those with this skin type less prone to wrinkles. This, in turn, makes their skin look less affected by the wear and tear of time — and it’s all thanks to good old moisture. 

Moisture isn’t just a fancy buzzword that should be thrown around. Rather, moisture has the ability to keep the skin balanced, healthy — and yes, youthful.

Before we go any further, it’s important to set the record straight: moisture and hydration are two completely different things. Despite many using the terms interchangeably, they pertain to different facets of the skin altogether. 

Here’s the difference:

  • Hydration, like the word suggests, pertains to the skin’s water content. Therefore, dehydration is the lack of water in the skin. This is not a skin type, but a skin concern that can be solved over time with lifestyle changes and the proper skincare routine.
  • Moisture, on the other hand, refers to the amount of oil housed within your skin. Unlike hydration, oiliness is a skin type that someone is born with.

That said, moisturizing ingredients do not solve dehydration. Instead, they are able to target fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging that may be a result of chronic dryness.

Sodium Hyaluronate

The Vine Vera eye serum is rich in potent moisturizing ingredients. One of these ingredients is Sodium Hyaluronate, which is very similar to the wildly popular Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Like Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate replenishes the skin’s moisture and is a great fit for all skin types and ages. Able to repair compromised moisture barriers, it fights off potential inflammation and water loss. 

However, the real difference between Sodium Hyaluronate and its cousin lies in two factors: stability and penetration.

As the sodium form of HA, Sodium Hyaluronate is more stable and easier to formulate. It also has a lower molecular weight than HA, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the inner layers of the skin. This translates into more effective absorbency.

Aloe Vera Extract

Another key moisturizing ingredient in the Vine Vera eye serum is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, otherwise known as Aloe Vera Extract. 

For centuries, Aloe Vera has been a staple in multiple cultures across the world. To this day, many still keep the plant in their household, finding comfort in having its leaves handy anytime they need a healing balm.

In the skincare realm, Aloe Vera Extract exists in various forms: gel, liquid, oils, and more. It has found its way into skin care formulations because of its ability to soothe irritated skin, calm inflammation, and deliver moisture to the skin’s surface.

Other moisturizers found in the Vine Vera eye serum include Pueraria Lobata Root Extract, Sodium PCA, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Glycerin. 

Skin-Restoring Peptides

Peptides are not quite as popular as the previous ingredients we’ve discussed here, but we argue that they should be. Sure, their names may be intimidating — but when it comes down to results, you can count on them to deliver.

In a nutshell, peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are basically the building blocks that come together to form proteins like elastin and collagen. While we naturally have these proteins in our skin, the amount we hold on to dwindles over time. This makes it crucial to replenish our peptides via our skincare, especially for delicate areas like the under-eyes.

Peptides are also “cell-communicating” ingredients, which can signal our cells to behave and look better overall. 

The Vine Vera eye serum contains two kinds of peptides to slow down the telltale signs of aging: Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7.

A 2012 study found that Palmitoyl Oligopeptide significantly reduced the depth of wrinkles and improved skin texture. Further, when combined with Hyaluronic Acid and elastin-boosting ingredients, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide can increase the skin’s hydration, thicken skin and reduce lines.

On the other hand, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 can be likened to a half-speed playback button. By reducing the production of a specific molecule called IL-6, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 is able to slow down the degradation of collagen in the body. This gives the peptides in our skincare more time to step in and do their work.

No Nasties

We’ve talked plenty about what the Vine Vera eye serum has — from Resveratrol and Vitamin C to moisturizers and peptides. Now let’s talk about what it doesn’t have.

Take a look through the Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum and you’ll notice that unlike many skin care products out there, there is a glaring lack of alcohol. With the growing interest in skin health, more and more consumers are becoming aware of what’s in their products — and most forms of alcohol have become synonymous with red flags for the well-informed skincare junkie.

Here, we explain why:

Not all alcohols are bad. Cetyl Alcohol, for instance, is a fatty alcohol that functions as a moisturizer. However, when people want their products to be alcohol-free, they mostly refer to alcohols like Ethanol. 

Ethanol is a solvent, which makes it great for dissolving oily skincare actives like Salicylic Acid. It is also used to cleanse the skin and improve the spreadability of products.

However, these benefits come at a price. Ethanol has been linked with aggravated dehydration and irritation, which makes it an ingredient that those with more sensitive skin should avoid. The same can be said about Alcohol Denat or denatured alcohol, which is Ethanol combined with a small concentration of another ingredient.

What About Essential Oils and Fragrances? 

Essential oils have long been lauded for their use in aromatherapy, and some continue to swear by their abilities to this day. All things considered, several kinds of essential oils pose benefits for the skin because of their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. However, these oils may pose a larger risk that may not be worth the gamble.

Even in skincare, essential oils can be very potent and fragrant. This may cause inflammation and sensitivity. And in certain instances, may even be toxic. A few reports have surfaced in the past years — one from WebMD and another from The New York Times, for instance—depicting the havoc that essential oils may wreak on the skin.

Jumping off the same idea, as much as possible, fragrance in skincare should also be avoided. 

Unlike essential oils, the fragrance does not bring any additional nourishing benefits to the table; they simply exist to make products smell more pleasing. However, at the end of the day, fragrance is a potentially sensitizing allergen—and when it comes to skincare, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution (and science, of course.)

Interested in stepping up your eye care routine? You can rest assured that the Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum is completely safe and free of alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance.

With the benefits of antioxidants, peptides, and an array of moisturizers — and without all the dangers of sensitizing ingredients — the Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum can effectively hit undo on signs of aging.

Follow up the Vine Vera eye serum with the Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Contour Eye Firming for optimal results.

Discover more Vine Vera eye care products here.

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Restore and Rehydrate with the Vine Vera Merlot Collection 

Vine Vera Merlot Collection products

Merlot. Hear the word and you might imagine plump, rich red grapes dangling on a vine in front of a lazy sunset. 

Want to know a secret?  

Those red grapes you pictured lingering on the vine often used to make Merlot, contain a powerful ingredient that can transform your skin. It’s called Resveratrol Ferment Extract, and it’s sourced from the skin of red grapes.

While you’ll find this ingredient in all Vine Vera products, today we want to draw your attention to the exquisite Vine Vera Merlot Collection.

Curious what the products in this skincare line can do for your skin and aging concerns? 

Read on to get the details on this amazing collection from Vine Vera, and how the luxurious ingredients in Vine Vera’s products will work together beautifully to take years off of your skin.

The Vine Vera Merlot Collection

Vine Vera Merlot Collection

Do you have dull, worn-out skin that ages you? Are you looking for a gentle way to clear away the dirt and oil that builds up on your skin? Are you ready for your skin to look and feel younger all day long?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the products in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection are right for you!

But before we can discuss how the products in this skincare line can help your skin look and feel cleaner, brighter, and more youthful, let’s talk about the changes you may have been noticing with your skin lately.

Do You Have:

  • Fine lines or wrinkles?
  • Dark age spots?
  • Dull looking skin?
  • Dry, dehydrated skin?
  • Skin that’s losing its firmness?

If your skin is showing any of these signs of aging, you are not alone. And there is hope! The Vine VeraMerlot Collection can help you love your skin again, no matter your age. 

Developed to meet the needs of mature skin, the five products in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection are designed to work in harmony to restore a healthy glow to your skin. The products gently cleanse your skin by removing dirt and impurities that make your skin look dull, revealing a cleaner, brighter complexion that’s nourished and fully hydrated.

Before we dive in, here’s a little more about our brand. 

About Vine Vera 

Before we delve into the specifics on all of the products in Vine Vera’s Merlot Collection, we’d like to tell you a bit more about Vine Vera, and how it’s a brand with products that can renew your confidence in your appearance with every use.

Vine Vera has carefully created skincare products designed for each and every skin type. And because Vine Vera wants every customer to feel proud of their skin with the use of their products, we’ve formulated their skincare lines with hand-picked ingredients proven to deliver stunning results.

Not only does Vine Vera want to drastically improve your skin, but we also want to give you the feeling of being pampered. So much so, that your skincare routine feels like a luxurious experience, a guilty pleasure.

Ready to find out more? Read on for a detailed look at the products in this fabulous collection.

Merlot Collection + Jelessi TORCHĒ V2+ Amber Light

Extremely popular from Vine Vera, this is the complete Merlot Collection and includes all five products in the collection.  Formulated with a plethora of vitamins in combination with anti-aging winners Resveratrol Ferment Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, these products work in harmony to diminish the signs of aging on your skin and leave you with a healthy, dewy glow.

Products included in the Merlot Collection + Jelessi TORCHE V2 + Amber Light

  • Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream
  • Resveratrol Merlot Moisturizing Day Cream
  • Vine Vera Resveratrol Cleansing Kit – Milk Cleanser
  • Resveratrol Balance Toner
  • Resveratrol Facial Exfoliant

Let’s break it down and take a look at each of these products and how they work to remove signs of aging and restore your skin.

The Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream

Vine Vera Merlot Collection Day Cream and Night Cream

If you are of a certain age, you have probably noticed that throughout the course of your day, your skin looks increasingly more dry and dull in tone. It gradually loses the natural glow that made you look more youthful earlier in your day. As a result, your skin will look older. 

The Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream works it’s magic to restore that glow while you sleep. Because your skin is safe from exposure to damaging UV rays and environmental pollutants while you sleep, this restorative cream, fortified with Resveratrol Ferment Extract, jumps at the opportunity to fix any damage done to your skin during the day providing your skin with antioxidant fueled protection. 

The magic of this product is in the ingredients selected by Vine Vera. In addition to VIne Vera’s special anti-aging weapon, Resveratrol Ferment Extract, this night cream is formulated with hydrating Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil and Shea Butter to deliver lasting results. The very opposite of mature skin.

Vine Vera suggests you use the Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream in combination with our Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream to achieve the best results.

The Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream 

During the day, your skin is exposed. 

UV rays harmfully penetrate your skin damaging the elastic fibers that keep your skin tight and taut. You can also blame the sun for visibly damaging your skin during the day. It’s what caused those premature wrinkles and age spots you may be noticing lately.

And environmental pollutants? They damage your skin’s protective barrier to the elements while you go about your day.

Vine Vera has developed the Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream to protect your skin. When used daily, this surprisingly lightweight formula will provide your skin with a powerful invisible shield to fight off potential damage from aging environmental stressors.  

A multi-tasker, this cream absorbs into your skin to keep it moist and hydrated. Anti-aging ingredients Resveratrol Ferment Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, and Shea Butter leave your skin with a soft and radiant finish.

When used alongside Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Facial Serum and Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream as part of your daily skincare regimen, you can count on achieving amazing results.

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Milk Cleanser

Vine Vera Merlot Collection Cleanser and Toner

Have sensitive, delicate skin? 

Then Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Milk Cleanser was designed with you in mind. An essential part of the Vine Vera Merlot Collection, It’s formulated to remove your make-up and impurities gently, while leaving your skin looking and feeling soft, cleansed, and refreshed.

A cleanser with a creamy blend, Vine Vera Resveratrol Milk Cleanser gently removes your makeup and built-up dirt and impurities.  A luxurious face wash, it leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed, detoxified, and clean.

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Milk Cleanser is also available with the Vine Vera Balance Toner as part of the Resveratrol Merlot Cleansing Kit.

Resveratrol Balance Toner

Do you have large pores? Rough patches of skin?  Is your skin uneven?

A gentle toner that allows your skin to keep it’s natural oils, the Resveratrol Balance Toner removes dirt and oil from your skin but leaves it with an even and radiant appearance.  It helps to temporarily minimize the size of your pores by tightening the gaps between your skin’s cells after washing with a cleanser. This keeps impurities and environmental contaminants from absorbing into your pores and gives your skin a smooth and even look.

Want to pair this toner with a fantastic cleanser? Vine Vera Resveratrol Balance Toner and Resveratrol Milk Cleanser come together in the Resveratrol Merlot Cleansing Kit.

Resveratrol Merlot Facial Exfoliant 

Vine Vera Merlot Collection Exfoliant

Do you have dull skin that lacks shine? The Resveratrol Merlot Facial Exfoliant was designed to clear the surface of your skin from the buildup of dirt and oil that cause it to look dull and lose it’s shiny glow. And without that buildup on the skin, your skin is able and ready to absorb your other nourishing skincare products.

This exfoliant from the Vine Vera Merlot Collection is not abrasive. It won’t strip your skin completely, like many others on the market. It allows your skin to retain its natural vital oils.  

And once this exfoliant does its job, you are left with brighter, softer, more radiant-looking skin.  

The Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling

Vine Vera Merlot Collection Facial Peeling

Lost that youthful glow? 

A fan favorite in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection, Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling is a gently brightening peel made with Resveratrol Ferment Extract. This refining peel works by ridding the surface of your skin from the dulling buildup of dirt and oils without stripping your skin of the vital oils that give it that glow. As a result, your skin maintains it’s moisture and looks clean and more moist and hydrated.

What was once dull and lifeless looks brighter and more radiant with this peel.

To make the most of Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling, Vine Vera recommends combining this peel with regular use of the Resveratrol Facial Serum.

Key Ingredients in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection

Resveratrol Ferment Extract

Receiving glowing praise and reviews, this is Vine Vera’s secret anti-aging ingredient. Resveratrol Ferment Extract is a powerful topical antioxidant sourced from the skin of red grapes.  

Did you know that when you nourish your skin by using products with topical antioxidants, you can effectively reverse the aging effects of environmental pollutants and harmful UV exposure?

A polyphenol, often referred to as the “longevity gene,” Resveratrol Ferment Extract works in the products in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection to stimulate the production of new skin cells while limiting cellular aging, slowing the signs of aging on your skin.

Benefits of Resveratrol Ferment Extract:

  • Helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps protect the skin from sun damage
  • Softens fine lines
  • Evens tone
  • Reduces redness 
  • Restores hydration to skin, instantly brightening its appearance
  • Helps prevent the skin from sun damage
  • Softens fine lines
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduces redness 
  • Restores hydration to skin, instantly brightening its appearance

Hyaluronic Acid

A favorite of dermatologists and skincare experts, Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in your body. It’s a sugar in your skin that keeps your skin hydrated, nourished, and youthfully plump. But as you age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid that is present in your skin decreases, right along with the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin.

But you can get it back.

Vine Vera has formulated several products with Hyaluronic Acid. The ingredient features heavily in the Vine Vera Merlot Collection. It’s incredible for bringing moisture to your skin. Since Hyaluronic Acid can absorb up to a thousand times its own weight in water, it can be used to help your skin stay hydrated, restoring its elasticity.  

It’s the wonder worker that plumps your fine lines and gives your complexion that dewy glow. When your skin is nourished and protected, it will increase the production of new skin cells, repairing your damaged skin cells and forming new ones.  

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Brings moisture to your skin
  • Helps skin retain its moisture
  • Plumps fine lines
  • Gives skin a dewy glow
  • Nourishes skin, making it healthier
  • Helps your skin maintain its elasticity 

Butyrospermum Parkii Oil (Shea Butter)

The Holy Grail of nourishment for dry, dehydrated skin that does not retain moisture, shea butter has been used for hundreds of years to moisturize and soften skin. 

Full of vitamins, Shea Butter has Vitamins A and E, as well as fatty acids that moisturize the skin. Both Vitamins A and E help to prevent scarring, repair damaged skin, and provide a protective barrier on your skin against damaging environmental pollutants. 

Benefits of Shea Butter:

  • Restores moisture to skin
  • Helps skin retain its moisture
  • Doesn’t “strip” your skin of vital oils.
  • Clears your skin of excess oil/sebum
  • Nourishes skin and helps it retain moisture

Vine Vera Merlot Collection Cream

In Conclusion

While there might be nothing better than a glass of Merlot, the Vine Vera Merlot Collection comes close.  

The products in this line have been amazingly popular at Vine Vera, mainly because of its quality ingredients and how it works so effectively. If you’ve been looking for a new way to hydrate, nourish, and smooth your skin, you’ve found it. Treat yourself to the Vine Vera Merlot Collection now! 

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The 5 Skincare Products You Need This Summer

Vine Vera skincare products for summer

Our wardrobes evolve as the seasons change, and so should our beauty routines. Just like the sweaters and coats rotate to the back of our closets when the summer starts creeping in, our skincare routines deserve to shed a few layers in the summertime.

Skincare Products for Summer

Shelf of Vine Vera skincare products for summer

When it comes to summer-appropriate skincare, the rules are fairly simple. Here’s Vine Vera’s take on things:

Double up on the protection, but keep textures lightweight.

With temperatures rising and the summer sunshine demanding to be felt, the last thing you want is for your skincare to pile on heavy and feel grimy throughout the day. After all, warmer weather should equate to fewer steps, lighter formulations.

But how exactly can we nourish our skin while streamlining our skincare products for summer?

It’s easier than it sounds. Like every regimen, a summer-ready skincare routine should start with a solid foundation—one rooted in carefully selected, nourishing ingredients.

It’s even more important while being on a sunny vacation as you will probably spend even more time outdoors.

This is where Vine Vera’s star ingredient, resveratrol, comes in. 

Known as the red grape antioxidant, resveratrol is derived from the skin and seed of red grapes. Resveratrol is a perfectly valid reason to increase your red wine intake, what with its well-studied anti-carcinogenic properties. We’ll raise a glass to that, but that’s not where this resveratrol’s abilities end.

See, to enjoy resveratrol’s benefits, you’d need to drink copious amounts of wine — around 1,000 bottles in a day, to be exact. However, there is another way to reap the benefits of this supercharged plant compound:

The answer is working it into your skincare routine, especially when it comes to skincare products for summer.

The Summer Skincare Benefits of Resveratrol

When applied topically, resveratrol functions as a powerful antioxidant. It fights off free radicals that can lead to aging and damage, joining other compounds called polyphenols in being the skin’s first line of defense. This ingredient also contributes to the skin’s overall health and condition by:

While resveratrol is packed with skin-loving benefits, it functions even better in tandem with other nourishing active ingredients.

Transition into the warmer seasons with a resveratrol-rich skincare routine. Start with these five skincare products for summer:

Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser

Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser

The beach, the melting ice cream cones, the scorching heat — for most of us, the summer rings synonymous with sweat-slick skin and fun in the sun.

At the end of a warm day, there’s nothing quite like washing your face to give your skincare products for summer a clean canvas to work their magic on.

Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser is the ideal candidate for the job. A refreshing gel-type formula, this cleanser lifts dirt and grime off the face without excessively stripping the skin of its moisture.

Besides resveratrol, this cleanser has another core ingredient: vitamin C. If you grew up taking vitamin C supplements, you’ll know just how crucial this ingredient is for keeping your health in check. In the realm of skincare, you could say vitamin C plays just as big a role.

How Does Vitamin C Benefit the Skin?

A cult favorite ingredient all over the world, vitamin C is considered a holy grail for many struggling with persistent dullness and dark marks. Here’s a breakdown of vitamin C’s greatest skin-saving benefits:

Vitamin C skincare has been used to combat hyperpigmentation for decades. Its widespread popularity comes with good reason, too. Vitamin C can curb the production of melanin, which is the natural pigment in your skin that contributes to discoloration and dark spots.

Over time, vitamin C can not only fade existing spots but prevent them from showing up on the skin. It can also brighten (not whiten) the surface of the skin, chipping away at dullness and signs of fatigue. 

Vitamin C also fights off wrinkles and fine lines. Being naturally acidic, the ingredient sends signals to the skin to double up on its collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are protein fibers are in charge of keeping the skin bouncy and plump, contributing to a more youthful look overall. 

Like resveratrol, vitamin C is also an antioxidant. Working together instead of canceling each other out, both resveratrol and vitamin C put a stop to environmental damage that can damage your cells. 

To use, every morning and evening, apply a small amount of cleanser on to wet skin. Massage it into the skin in circular motions, then rinse off with warm water.

Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel

Vine Vera Cabernet Peel

Skincare products for summer should be light, potent but effective. For days when you want to double up on cleansing, consider reaching for Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel. 

Despite what the name may sound like, this product won’t have your skin flaking and peeling. Instead, it will slough off dead skin cells to reveal a healthier, more even complexion—perfect for makeup-free summer days.

The star ingredient in the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel is glycerin. While most of us know glycerin to be a humectant, hydrating the skin isn’t the only trick this ingredient has up its sleeve.

Studies show that glycerin also nourishes the skin by:

  • Fortifying the skin barrier.
  • Transports the proteins that allow water and glycerol to travel through the skin.
  • Prevents abrasive formulations from stripping the skin’s natural oils.

Despite being hydrating and moisturizing, glycerin also has exfoliating properties. Unlike physical exfoliators with chunky particles that can cause micro-scars, the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel gently does away with dead cells by breaking down stubborn, flaky skin.

Although this product isn’t harshly formulated, remember that with great power comes great responsibility—even in skincare. Like all exfoliators, Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel should be used moderately. Once or twice a week, apply a quarter-sized amount to the face then rinse off with cool water.

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum

Vine Vera Pinot Noir Serum

Unlike cleansers and wash-off exfoliators, serums and essences stay on your skin throughout the day and all night long. They’ll contain potent active ingredients, usually in higher concentrations, to deliver optimal results to the skin.

Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum is full of potent extracts and vitamins to restore the skin’s radiant glow. Let’s dive into the product’s ingredient list:

  • Glycerin, to hydrate the skin and prevent loss of moisture.
  • Retinyl palmitate, otherwise known as vitamin A palmitate. Like other forms of retinol, this ingredient unclogs pores and promotes cell turnover to smoothen skin and improve its glow. Retinyl palmitate also works especially well with antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and—you guessed it—resveratrol.
  • Lactic acid, which can work wonders to lessen fine lines. This acid-slash-exfoliator also has bacteria-busting properties, which is why it is frequently used by those with acne-prone skin to lessen breakouts. 

Fair warning: it usually isn’t advisable for lactic acid and retinol to be combined in a routine — let alone in a single product. But there’s no need to fret: retinyl palmitate is the gentlest out of the four kinds of retinol.

By combining with a cocktail of antioxidants and hydrators, retinyl palmitate is gentle enough not to cause dryness or irritation. But remember, it’s always a good idea to patch test products before adding them to your regimen!

To use the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum, apply a small amount on clean skin daily.

Cabernet Rejuvenation Facial & Eye Mask

Vine Vera masks

Picture this: kicking back on a summer evening, sticking your nose in a book, or devouring a new series, all while treating yourself to a relaxing face mask. Rather than a regular fixture in your round-up of skincare products for summer, think of the Cabernet Rejuvenation Facial & Eye Mask as a weekly pick-me-up for your skin.

These masks, packed individually and soaked in a powerful mix of skincare actives, pack a punch of hydration and nourishment — all without leaving a sticky, heavy feeling on the skin.

One of these superstar ingredients is hyaluronic acid. Our skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid, as it helps our cells hold on to water and maintains plumpness. But over time, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body diminishes, much like collagen and elastin.

When you need reinforcements, take a moment to breathe some life into your skin. Vine Vera’s Cabernet Rejuvenation Facial & Eye Mask makes a perfect addition to your line-up of skincare products for summer, especially if your skin is dehydrated or fatigued.

What’s in the Cabernet Rejuvenation Facial & Eye Mask?

Hyaluronic acid is known to hold up to a thousand times its weight and water. It delivers much-needed hydration to the skin’s surface. It is also a humectant meaning that it can not only hydrates but locks in moisture throughout the day. 

Another ingredient you’ll find in the masks’ solution is sea algae extract. This ingredient has been garnering a fair share of attention in the beauty realm this year, thanks to its treasure trove of skin benefits:

  • Soothing. Sea algae extract is rich in zinc and magnesium, both of which can combat redness and inflammation. With the ability to shield the skin with a protective barrier, this ingredient is especially great for those struggling with hypersensitivity.
  • Anti-aging. With amino acids and antioxidants to promote collagen production, sea algae extract can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.
  • Brightening. Working away at dark spots and dead skin cells, seaweed extract’s exfoliating properties help to keep dullness and hyperpigmentation from showing through.

Several studies have also shown that sea algae extract can regulate sebum production, a common concern in the summertime. Despite its oil regulating abilities, seaweed extract won’t dry out your skin. In fact, this ingredient covers all bases—it also contains fatty acids to moisturize the inner layers of the skin.

Cap off your summer weekends right with Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Cabernet Rejuvenating Facial and Eye Mask. To use the facial mask, place the soft sheet on a clean face. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water. When your eyes feel heavy from late nights or too much screen time, carefully apply the eye mask and rinse off after 10 minutes. 

Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30

Vine Vera SPF cream

Some may think that you can skip moisturizing on warmer days, but the heat and humidity make this step even more important. Here’s why:

Needless to say, your selection of skincare products for summer should include a moisturizer — albeit one with a lightweight, non-greasy formulation.

With moisturizing ingredients and sunscreen actives, you can count on Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30 only to keep your skin’s moisture in check while shielding it from UV damage, too.

This product contains a total of five sunscreen ingredients, effectively filtering both UVA and UVB rays. Octisalate sunscreen also lends water resistance to the moisture cream, helping the product last through sweaty summer days. 

To use, generously apply the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 30 onto clean skin. To allow the product to seep into the skin effectively, apply 15 minutes before sun exposure. 


With nourishing ingredients, lightweight formulations, and multitasking resveratrol at the center of your routine, there’s no need to worry about products feeling too heavy throughout the day. Seamlessly transition into the warmer months with scientifically formulated, thoughtfully curated skincare products for summer. 

Looking for more skincare products to take you through the seasons? Discover more resveratrol-infused skincare innovations from Vine Vera.

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9 Must-Try Skincare Ingredients for Dry Skin

Woman applying face cream

If there is anything that gives a woman sleepless nights, it is bad skin. Not only does dry skin look rough and patchy, but it can also literally keep you up at night by being itchy and irritating.

Fortunately, a good moisturizer is all that you need to put things right. Take for example the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream; it has been formulated by Vine Vera to answer all of your dry skin concerns.

A high-end product like the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream by Vine Vera is the golden goose you should never underestimate. This product includes just about every ingredient that you could need for supple and replenished skin. 

Let’s take a look at the key ingredients your moisturizer should have. You’ll find them all in the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream, as well as in several other Vine Vera products

Vine Vera Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream

Vitamin E

Any skin product that has Vitamin E compound in it will expressly give you glowing, healthy-looking skin. Most high-end products, just like the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream by Vine Vera, are packed with this antioxidant. This powerful antioxidant covers the cracks caused by dehydration and smoothens any visible ridges on your skin.

It is excellent for repairing damaged skin and renewing its suppleness. It does so by retaining moisture and strengthening your skin barrier.

Check out the Vine Vera Malbec DNA Collection for even more vitamin E goodness.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is yet another wonder-working humectant. You will love the instant effect it will have on your dehydrated skin. Dehydration of the skin happens when skin cells don’t have enough water and you don’t use a good moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid counters this almost immediately. It draws in moisture from the environment and holds onto it, giving your skin an instant plumper look. It then feeds that moisture to your skin cells as and when needed, which enables your skin to function as best as it can.

Make the most of hyaluronic acid by also adding it to your eye care routine with the Vine Vera Cabernet 60 Second Eye Solution.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

This superhero has been around for centuries doing what it does best. Answering all your skin problems. From cracked and chaffed skin to reducing redness from sunburns, aloe vera will soothe and pamper your damaged skin back to perfection.

The medicinal properties found in the ingredient are all essential for your skin’s health and perfection. Its cooling effect relieves dry and irritated skin. Many products on the market, including the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream, are packed with aloe vera gel specifically to moisturize dry skin. This is why aloe vera is one of the star ingredients in Vine Vera’s Chianti Collection


If your skin is dry and mature, a product that contains resveratrol is the ultimate answer for you. Studies show that it acts as both an antioxidant and a depigmenting compound, making it great for reversing skin aging. Most people who have had dry skin problems swear by this ingredient.

Let Vine Vera explain why this ingredient is a buzz of activity right now, and why it’s one of the star ingredients that you’ll find in every Vine Vera product

It works on your skin by interrupting negative environmental influences. It not only shields against malicious UV rays, but it also brightens and gives a glow to a dull complexion. 

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is dry skin’s best friend, but, then again, you shouldn’t use it alone for hydration. This humectant is an exfoliant in nature. This makes it an excellent candidate for removing dead skin while still nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

According to the Mayo Clinic, lactic acid and other emollients are extremely beneficial in a moisturizer. They help the outer part of the skin retain water thus keeping it hydrated. However, there is more to this multitasking ingredient. Any moisturizing cream with lactic acid will lighten and even out your skin tone. If you are prone to ridges after an acne attack, this acid will smooth out and firm your skin.


Ceramides are the rage in the cosmetic industry right now. It is like a new goldmine is up for grabs and everybody is scrambling to get a share of it. This fatty acid makes up 50% of your outer skin, can you believe that? You probably won’t until you hear more.

Ceramides are all about moisture-locking and hydration. It restores your dry skin’s hydration by locking in moisture. This hero will step in and seal all moisture escape routes while strengthening your skin’s natural barrier. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter in bowls and spoon

Shea butter is a known secret among cosmetics manufacturers. It has become a must-have ingredient over the years because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Perhaps this ivory-colored gold is indeed the elixir of youth.

Now for the other part of the story. The reason why Vine Vera has included shea butter in the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is because of its high concentration of fatty acids. Shea butter also contains powerful vitamins that condition, tone, and soothe your skin.

While the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream is designed for the face, this doesn’t mean that your body needs to miss out on that shea butter nourishment. Treat it to the Intensive Shea Body Butter from Vine Vera and watch it glow!


Petrolatum may sound scary, but it actually does a terrific job locking the moisture inside your skin to prevent dry and flaky skin. This occlusive barrier has steadily found its way to the most popular products available in the market today. It effectively reduces the amount of moisture your skin loses.

If you have combination skin, then avoid applying this ingredient to oily areas. It can be comedogenic, meaning that it could trigger breakouts on those parts of your face. 


A humectant is a property that pulls water to your skin, just like hyaluronic acid. However, glycerin has also been the holy grail in the beauty industry for adding moisture to the skin.

It’s one that those with dry skin should definitely seek out. In addition to the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream, you’ll also find glycerin in the Vine Vera Body Cream. After all, your body needs some TLC too!

3 Components Your Moisturizer Should Contain

Woman with hand in face cream jar

While individual ingredients are important to understand, there are also certain ingredient groups that you should be looking out for in a moisturizer. Those with oily skin don’t need all three, but those with dry skin definitely do:


Humectants are hydrogen bonds that connect and draw water to themselves. They are used in lotions, creams, and other beauty products to attract and preserve moisture in your skin. The main purpose of a humectant is to draw water from the air through your epidermis right to the deepest parts of your skin.


An emollient is an ingredient in your beauty product that is responsible for soothing and softening your skin. They do this by increasing the moisture level of your skin, lubricating, and protecting it against any environmental damage. Emollients are designed to work in just the way the sebum of your skin does.

Severely damaged skin is cracked from the epidermis and it requires a strong property for healing. An emollientbased skincare product will fill in the cracks and lock moisture deep in the skin. 


Occlusives are moisturizing agents found in your skincare products. They form a protective layer on the surface of your skin to prevent any damage from foreign properties. They also act as a barrier against moisture loss. A good moisturizer should contain one or more occlusives to make it beneficial to your skin.

5 Main Causes of Dry Skin

Woman looking at skin in mirror

When you are a self-conscious woman, you realize that skin problems can seem endless, especially when you have dry skin. However, if you invest in good credible products, like the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream by Vine Vera, things might work better for you. But, even with that, you first need to get to the root cause of the chaos on your skin. Here are some of the major culprits for your perpetual dry skin:

Hereditary Genes

The first thing you need to rule out when finding the root cause of your skin dryness is the hereditary genes. The skin issues some of us are nursing were probably passed down by our great grandmothers. A study indicates that mutations in hereditary genes are responsible for severely dry skin problems.

If you are prone to dry skin, you are likely to have severe skin issues such as acne, eczema, dermatitis among other stubborn problems. Now back to the drawing board. Once you have established that your dry skin problems are a result of hereditary genes, look for a good moisturizer that soothes and treats your skin problems.

Harsh Products and Soaps

Washing your skin with severe soap products can result in severe skin problems such as dry skin. Avoid using regular bar soap and detergents that are designed for other purposes such as cleaning utensils and clothes. They are packed with harsh ingredients meant for removing dirt and tough stains.

Go for products specially designed to nurture the skin as they cleanse. The Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser is a great example! 


We all love to look good and smell nice at the same time. However, most fragrances are the perpetual enemy to your skin. Especially the alcohol-based. It can dry up your skin and cause serious problems such as acne and eczema. Dry skin is allergic to so many things and you just need to be careful with what comes into contact with it.

When purchasing a skincare product, make it a habit to read the leaflets or the label. Always pick a fragrance-free product. However, if you just can’t get over fragrances, ensure that your product contains botanical oils. These oils have safe natural fragrances and are gentle on the skin.

Long, Hot Showers

If you have dry skin, cut back on those long and hot showers. For the good of your skin and to maintain that glow, opt for warm or cool water and minimize the time you stand under the shower. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched.


If you have had good skin all through your youthful years and suddenly your skin is acting up, that is a sign of age finally catching up. Fortunately, there are good products that work well to bring back youthfully smooth and supple skin even in your sunset years. Take for example the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream by Vine Vera. You should also look into some of the other anti-aging skincare collections on the Vine Vera website. 


If you haven’t been giving your skin the pampering it deserves, it is time to begin. Dry skin has never been easy on anyone. Trying a new product is always like walking on eggshells. You introduce a new product; a carnage of issues ensue. Fortunately, you won’t experience that with the Cabernet Collection Moisture Day Cream from Vine Vera. Shop the cream here and watch your dry skin problems disappear! 

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Can Resveratrol Really Reverse Skin Aging?

Vine Vera product

What if we told you that Vine Vera has found the magical ingredient that can reverse the signs of aging?

Resveratrol, a chemical compound found in the skins and peels of grapes and berries, and even red wine might be your best bet in keeping those pesky wrinkles and crow’s feet at bay.

What is Resveratrol?

red grapes

It’s not as simple as downing a bottle of merlot with your dinner; resveratrol is a polyphenol, a type of chemical compound with antioxidant properties that protect cells from harm, limiting cellular aging.

Resveratrol is also an effective topical antioxidant.

By supplementing your body with power-packed antioxidants, you can reverse the damage produced by the aging process, UV exposure, pollution, and poor lifestyle habits like smoking.

Resveratrol-infused skincare makes an excellent addition to your nightly skin-restoring routine because our skin rejuvenates itself when we sleep.

That’s why Vine Vera, a skincare brand committed to delivering products that will transform your skin, offers the very best of resveratrol-based skincare that you can add to your facial regimen.

Vine Vera resveratrol skincare boasts a potent cocktail of effective ingredients to help you achieve that glowing, youthful complexion you have been vying for.

Why Resveratrol?

Resveratrol has been shown in multiple studies to help reduce damage to blood vessels, decrease blood clotting, lower cholesterol, and prevent heart disease and stroke.

However, what’s intriguing is that research has also shown that this is an effective anti-aging agent as well.

So, how does resveratrol affect your skin, and why do dermatologists love this ingredient?

There are numerous health benefits of resveratrol for the skin. Generally, it can help protect the skin’s surface when applied topically. A few other advantages of resveratrol include:

  • Anti-aging
  • Reduces redness
  • Skin hydration


Woman with eye cream

The leading cause of aging is ultraviolet (UV) damage to the skin, so using skincare that contains resveratrol can improve your skin’s natural barriers, helping your skin look and feel more youthful.

Dermatologist Ava Shamban describes resveratrol as a compound that interacts with some metal ions to prevent the formation of free radicals.

This compound can interrupt negative environmental influences and protect the skin from UV damage because resveratrol works on a cellular level to fight the skin aging process.

Resveratrol improves cellular function and collagen synthesis while preventing the metal ions from making the collagen or fibroblasts deteriorate.

That’s why with the long-term usage of Vine Vera resveratrol skincare, you can be sure that you’ll achieve those #SkinGoals in no time!

Reduces Redness

Skin redness might be a sign of skin irritation, making it essential to incorporate skincare with calming ingredients into your routine.

Packed with micronutrients, resveratrol has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe signs of irritation and redness.

Studies have demonstrated that resveratrol has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that help calm down the skin. This decreases skin aging and keeps the skin infection-free.

Dubbed as the ‘longevity molecule’, it also improves the overall radiance of your skin.

Banking on this skin-loving ingredient, Vine Vera resveratrol skincare can do wonders for your complexion.

Additionally, resveratrol’s anti-microbial properties can inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes acne. It complements the usage of benzoyl peroxide on the skin.

Skin Hydration

Resveratrol has been shown to maintain your skin’s moisture content, hydrate your skin, and reduce dryness.

Keeping your skin hydrated is a crucial part of skincare.

Why? Because a lack of moisture weakens the skin’s lipid barrier. This makes it easier for irritants and microbes to penetrate.

Besides combatting dullness, having well-moisturized skin can help improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce oil production, and get that radiant complexion you’ve always wanted.

Vine Vera Resveratrol Skincare

A brand that stands firmly behind its cruelty-free policy, Vine Vera uses resveratrol in every product, on top of other beneficial ingredients, to give your skin that extra boost.

Our products use only the best and most luxurious ingredients to diminish any signs of aging while combatting oxidative stress and free radicals at the same time.

Vine Vera resveratrol skincare products are worth the splurge. From eye care to serums, face masks, and exfoliators, you’ll find the perfect treatment your skin needs!

Pamper Your Body with the Lush Formula of Vine Vera’s Body Cream

Vine Vera body cream

Vine Vera’s Body Cream makes skin radiance very easy to achieve. This deeply moisturizing, soothing formula is chock-full of humectants that’ll leave your skin feeling soft to the touch.

The main ingredient in this body cream is glycerin, a humectant. Glycerin attracts water from the air and deeper layers of your skin to your skin surface.

Studies have also proved that glycerin is ‘the most effective humectant’ because of its ability to trap moisture.

Say Goodbye to Deep-Set Lines with the Pinot Noir IV Line Perfector

Vine Vera syringe

Enriched with the goodness from the vine, this Vine Vera resveratrol skincare product from the Pinot Noir Collection works to rejuvenate your skin from within gently.

A solution that instantly minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, it contains two noteworthy ingredients that pack a punch – DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate) and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8.

DMAE is a powerful active ingredient that is very effective at skin firming and tightening and skin aging. Our brains naturally produce it, and it’s also found in certain fish, such as sardines, anchovies, and salmon.

Argireline, also known as acetyl hexapeptide-8, is a peptide used in skincare products to lessen the appearance of wrinkles caused by frequent facial expressions. It inhibits the signals sent from the brain to the muscles, preventing muscle contractions. This, in turn, limits the formation of wrinkles.

This product contains a potent cocktail of ingredients that immediately smooths away the visibility of facial expression lines.

Combat the Signs of Aging with the Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum 

Vine Vera serum

Named after the ruby red wine, this Vine Vera resveratrol skin care product is an anti-aging serum that will make a massive difference in your routine.

Powerful antioxidants and wrinkle reducers in the form of Resveratrol Ferment extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), palmitoyl tripeptide-1, and Sodium Hyaluronate work together to create this effective formula that will effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Peptides are an anti-aging game-changer. They consist of a chain of amino acids. Your skin uses peptides to build protein fibers, giving your skin structure, firmness, and elasticity. 

There are several peptides out there, but each will fall into one of three general groups: signal peptides, carrier peptides, and inhibitors of nerve signals.

Signal peptides, like palmitoyl tripeptide-1, serve as messenger molecules that carry a signal to cells, which ultimately increase collagen synthesis and, thus, skin firmness.

On top of that, ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a skincare game-changer. Touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients out there, vitamin C has a myriad of benefits.

The main form of vitamin C used in skincare, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, has been found to have a hydrating effect on the skin. It helps skin retain moisture by reducing transepidermal water loss.

It can even help combat hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone.

Your skin will feel softer, more radiant, and refreshed with the Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum.

The Resveratrol Malbec DNA Melting Pre-Mask Mildly Exfoliates to Reveal New Skin

Vine Vera resveratrol skin care products

This Vine Vera resveratrol skincare product helps your skin prepare for the Vine Vera facial mask selection.

It’s a unique pre-mask that’s formulated with Sweet Almond Oil, vitamins, and Resveratrol. When applied to the skin, this treatment melts into a silky oil that becomes a clarifying foam.

Sweet Almond Oil contains vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc, making it a great combination of ingredients to ward off signs of aging.

Vitamin A is used in the form of retinol. It can jumpstart the production of new skin cells and lessen the visible appearance of fine lines.

Besides that, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients that can help with ultraviolet damage from the sun.

When taken orally, zinc is essential in treating acne and facial scars and promoting healing.

Massage this groundbreaking product onto your dry skin in a circular motion. Once the gel has liquefied into an oil, apply water to activate the foam.

A Botox Alternative: Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Non-Surgical Syringe™ 

Vine Vera syringe - resveratrol skin aging

Packed with powerful ingredients like Resveratrol Ferment extract, vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) derivative, Hyaluronic Acid, and Avocado Oil, this innovative formulation reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Avocado oil is an excellent moisturizer and protects skin from UV damage while also stimulating collagen production and successfully healing wounds.

An independent scientific study found that when used on a wound, linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil work faster to speed up the healing process.

While the product is designed to look like a syringe, fret not! There’s no actual needle; it just provides the appearance of injectable cosmetics that gives your skin that taut, youthful look.

You can rest assured that the non-surgical syringe is painless and does not need to penetrate the skin. Instead, it delivers the serum to fine lines and wrinkles to apply the product.

Wash Your Face with the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Cleanser 

Vine Vera resveratrol skin care cleanser

Have you got sensitive skin?

Here’s a cleanser that we’ve designed just for you…

Formulated to reduce irritation on sensitive skin, the product’s texture is light and gel-like, allowing it to be applied easily.

Enriched with olive oil, it could help protect you from DNA-damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Compared to other types of fats and oils that humans usually eat, this type of fat has a very high concentration of squalene. Squalene is what adds extra antioxidant strength to olive oil.

Using a soap made with olive oil may help you get rid of acne because it has antimicrobial properties that prevent the bacteria that cause acne from multiplying.

Olive oil is also beneficial for the skin because it is hydrating and moisturizing.

If Tone and Texture are Your Concerns, Try Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer.

Vine Vera vitamin C cream

Combining two superhero ingredients, vitamin C and resveratrol, this potent Vine Vera resveratrol skincare product is fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5. This combination results in a beautifully nourishing and hydrating moisturizer.

Also known as Pantothenic acid or pantothenate, Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin that holds a lot of promise. 

One study has found that vitamin B5 promotes healthy skin and aids in the wound-healing process.

Research showed that supplementing with vitamin B5 helped with acne on the face, reducing the number of blemishes.

Harness the Power of Roses and Resveratrol with the Resveratrol Zinfandel Illuminating Petal Peel System.

Vine Vera resveratrol skincare products

Not only do roses smell great, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties and are high in vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen synthesis.

The Resveratrol Zinfandel Illuminating Petal Peel System consists of:

  • Rose-veratrol Petal-Peel Powder
  • Activating Petal-Peel Gel
  • Correcting Petal-Peel Capsules

This one-of-a-kind set can enhance your complexion’s appearance, making you look fairer and radiant.

The Vine Vera resveratrol skincare system contains diatomite, collagen, and rosebud powder, which are especially beneficial for getting rid of discoloration and dull skin.

Diatomite, or diatomaceous earth, is a type of powder resulting from fossilized algae found in water. Since it’s abrasive yet gentle, it effectively removes dead skin cells.

Collagen, found in the Rose-veratrol Petal-Peel Powder, is also an extremely beneficial ingredient.

Applying collagen topically has also shown positive effects on the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Correcting Petal-Peel Capsules also contain evening primrose oil. This botanical has many healing properties because of its gamma-linoleic acid content.

All in all, Vine Vera resveratrol skincare is the best investment you can make for your skin. You’ll find high-quality ingredients, capable of truly transforming your complexion, in each one of our products. 

Reset your skin and bring back its youthful firmness and glow with Vine Vera resveratrol skincare today! 

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8 Things You Need to Know About Vine Vera’s 60 Second Eye Solution

Vine Vera eye solution

Have you been eyeing up the Vine Vera Eye Solution but can’t decide whether or not it’s worth the splurge?

Here at Vine Vera, we believe that the skin is something worth investing in. We also believe that everybody should be making an educated and informed choice when it comes to the products that they apply on their skin. So, to help you with your decision, here are 8 things that you should know about the Vine Vera Cabernet 60 Second Eye Solution before you buy it.

The Vine Vera Eye Solution Produces Instant Results

Woman looking at skin in mirror

There aren’t many topical, non-invasive products out there that are able to produce instant results, which is what often first appeals to people about the Vine Vera 60 Second Eye Solution. That’s right, you’ll notice results pretty much immediately after using the product.

What exactly are these instant results?

The 60 Second Eye Solution primarily targets fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you’ve got a few light creases appearing around your eyes or your crow’s feet are looking deeper by the day, this formula will leave your skin looking smooth and wrinkle-free.

Sounds good, right? It gets even better…

The way in which the Vine Vera Eye Solution gives the skin a smoother finish also means that any puffiness under your eyes becomes much less visible.

You’re probably now wondering how this product actually works. Fair question – if you’ve already tried it, then you’ll know that it seems a bit like magic!

It all comes down to its unique formula. If you take a look at the ingredient list, it isn’t long. We haven’t stuffed this product with unnecessary fillers. Instead, the ingredients that it does contain are among the most powerful in the industry…

Its Formula Contains a Peptide That Works in a Similar Way to Botox

Have you heard of Acetyl Hexpeptide-8? Or how about Argireline?

For most people, the answer would be no, although Botox would be a term that those same people are still familiar with. Well, Botox and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 have a lot in common…

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a synthetic peptide that has been made from one of the same proteins that is used in Botox. This protein has the same effect for both – it relaxes the muscles.

However, while Botox is injected into the skin, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is applied topically. In this case, that would be through the use of the Vine Vera Eye Solution. Although Botox has a much more dramatic effect than the topical use of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, the 60 Second Eye Solution contains the ingredient in a high enough concentration for it to be able to relax the muscles around your eyes. With those muscles not contracting as much, facial expressions are minimized, which then reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Regular Use of the Vine Vera Eye Solution Has Long-Term Benefits

Vine Vera products

Although the instant wrinkle-reducing effects of this formula are temporary, regular use of the product means that you’ll soon be seeing your results sticking around in the long run.


Again, it all comes down to the ingredients used…

Remember we discussed how Acetyl Hexpaptide-8 works in a similar way to Botox and produces instant results?

Well, in addition to doing that, this powerful peptide, which is quickly becoming an industry favorite, is also able to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is one of the main proteins that gives your skin its natural firmness and smoothness. Your skin produces plenty of it during its early days, but collagen production rapidly declines with age, resulting in the skin wrinkling and sagging.

Quick fixes are great, but, for long-term anti-aging results, you need to boost collagen production back up. This is exactly what the Acetyl Hexpeptide-8 in the Vine Vera Eye Solution does.

The inclusion of Resveratrol in the formula has a huge impact too. Studies have found resveratrol to have a wide range of long-term skin benefits, such as:

  • Helping with collagen production, meaning smoother and firmer skin
  • A reduction in inflammation, which not only helps with inflammatory skin conditions, but also slows down the skin aging process
  • A small amount of protection from UV rays
  • Brightening effects, along with the ability to lighten dark spots

The Eye Solution Makes Use of Sodium Hyaluronate Instead of Hyaluronic Acid

You’ve probably heard of hyaluronic acid before. If you haven’t, don’t be scared. Just because this ingredient contains the word “acid” doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous in any way. In fact, hyaluronic acid is a substance that the human body naturally produces. It helps to keep our joints, eyes, and skin lubricated and hydrated. In fact, one molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!

So, why’s everyone been talking about this ingredient?

Well, the body ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid it produces declines. This is one reason why the skin loses its plumpness, radiance, and thickness as it grows older.

Topically applying hyaluronic acid to your skin helps to bump these levels back up again. With each application, your skin will pretty much immediately take on a plumper, smoother, and brighter appearance, making it no surprise that it’s become so popular in skincare.

Wondering why we’re talking about hyaluronic acid when the Vine Vera Eye Solution doesn’t contain it?

That’s because the Eye Solution contains sodium hyaluronate instead. Sodium hyaluronate is the salt form of hyaluronic acid. This means that the size of its molecules are much smaller, which allows it to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Does this mean that sodium hyaluronate is better than hyaluronic acid?

In some ways, yes. They both have the same effects when it comes to plumping and hydrating. The difference lies in the fact that hyaluronic acid targets the surface layer of your skin. On the other hand, sodium hyaluronate targets the deeper layers.

The Vine Vera Eye Solution contains sodium hyaluronate for its instant plumping effect, as well as for the way it brings about significant changes in the deeper layers of the skin.

However, if you would also like to benefit from the surface-treating effects of hyaluronic acid, look into the Vine Vera Cabernet Rejuvenation Facial and Eye Mask. This is another great product for plumping up the skin, and, just like the Eye Solution, this one has both immediate and long-term effects.

The Vine Vera Eye Solution Formula Doesn’t Contain Any Harmful Ingredients


If you take a look at the ingredient lists on the majority of the skincare products you use, chances are that these are several lines long. Sometimes, this is necessary. Here at Vine Vera, we have a few products that are packed with a long list of botanical extracts, such as the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask.

However, a long ingredient list filled with names that you’ve never heard of doesn’t exactly instill confidence in a product. Plus, it then takes a lot of online searching to make sure that you’re not putting anything harmful on your skin!

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with the Vine Vera 60 Second Eye Solution. The ingredient list isn’t too long. Most of the names on there are recognizable, meaning that you immediately know that they’re safe.

The ingredients that you may not have heard of before are as follows:

  • Sodium Silicate – this salt helps to stabilize the pH level of the eye solution, which keeps all of the other ingredients within working well
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate – this ingredient acts as a thickener, making it vital when it comes to achieving optimal product consistency for maximum skin penetration
  • Mica – a natural mineral that leaves the skin with an instant glow
  • Titanium dioxide and iron oxide – both of these ingredients are natural minerals. They both also serve a similar function – they help to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. This doesn’t mean that the Eye Solution can be used instead of a sunscreen. However, it does mean that the formula will provide some extra UV protection to the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. In the long run, this means fewer lines and wrinkles, and healthier-looking skin!

The Innovative Applicator Means That a Little Goes a Long Way

When it comes to skincare formulas containing powerful ingredients, it’s always best to minimize the amount of time it takes for that product to travel from its jar to your skin.

Chances are, you usually apply a product onto your fingertips first. You then use your fingertips to apply that product to your skin.

While this may be the most common application method for skincare products, it does also mean that the formula’s active ingredients will start to penetrate into the skin on your fingers, before it actually reaches your face. As you can imagine, this then leads to that product not working as well as it otherwise might have done.

The Vine Vera Eye Solution has found a way around that. Its unique packaging comes with an applicator that you can use to apply the eye solution directly to the skin around your eyes, skipping the fingertip stage in the middle.

This then allows your skin to gain maximum benefits from all of the ingredients in the eye solution, meaning that you won’t need to use quite so much of it to reach your skincare goals. The fact that the product only needs to be used weekly also means that it will last for a while. Of course, you could always just save it for special occasions. However, as mentioned above, regular use means long-term benefits!

The Vine Vera Eye Solution Has Not Been Tested on Animals

Botanicals in lab

In this day and age, cosmetic products really don’t need to be tested on animals. Science has come such a long way over the years, and there are now so many methods for testing how safe a product is that do not include animal exploitation.

Although many countries haven’t banned animal testing, those that are against the act choose to boycott brands that continue on with this unnecessarily.

As you can tell, animal testing is definitely not something that Vine Vera partakes in. We are able to guarantee the safety of our products, including our Eye Solution, without testing them on animals, and this is something that our customers really do appreciate.

The Vine Vera Eye Solution Packaging is Recyclable

Sustainability is huge these days. While it may be nothing more than a buzzword to some brands, here at Vine Vera we try to keep things as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible.

A while ago, we took the necessary steps to ensure that all of our product packaging is recyclable. This applies to the Vine Vera 60 Second Eye Solution too, so be sure to recycle your packaging once you’re done with the product!

Ready to Transform Your Skin?

There’s nothing better than a skincare product that can produce instant results, which is why the Vine Vera 60 Second Eye Solution has been such a hit. If you want to give this product a try, it can be purchased directly from the Vine Vera website. Shipping within the USA is free of charge, but we also ship to countries all over the world for a flat rate – this means that you can shop to your heart’s desire, without having to worry about a sky-high shipping fee.

If you have any questions about the Eye Solution, feel free to get in touch with us by either leaving a comment on this blog post or sending us a message through social media.

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Vine Vera Reviews: The Pinot Noir Collection

Vine Vera Pinot Noir Collection

Trying to restore your skin back to its youthful radiance? Looking to reverse the signs of aging and damage on your skin without availing facial treatments? On the hunt for tried and tested skincare products to rejuvenate your skin?

Sounds like Vine Vera’s Pinot Noir Collection is perfect for you!

This collection boasts products packed with antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients, which will surely make your skin looking brighter, softer, and younger in no time!

If you’re excited to learn more about this collection, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed background regarding each product from this line. We’ll also have Vine Vera reviews and other in-depth insights regarding the brand’s Pinot Noir Collection.

Let’s dive in!

All about Vine Vera

Vine Vera serums

To have a better understanding and appreciation of their products, let’s first talk about the brand Vine Vera.

A global skincare brand that formulates products for every gender and skin type, Vine Vera strives to help their customers feel good about their skin. Their skincare lines are specifically created to make lasting improvements on their customers’ skin, helping them feel confident about their skin.

Vine Vera’s goal is to deliver the skin a lush, luxe experience. Through products that pamper and care for the skin, Vine Vera hopes to transform the way their customers look at their skin and their skincare routine.

The brand does this by using carefully picked ingredients that provide a plethora of benefits for their users. Vine Vera’s star ingredient is Resveratrol — a powerful antioxidant derived from the skin of red grapes. This powerful ingredient helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also fighting off impurities in the body.

The effectiveness of resveratrol products is evident from the countless Vine Vera reviews out there. It also helps that this ingredient works well with other reliable ingredients such as aloe vera, peptides, and vitamins good for the skin. Through these, Vine Vera’s products provide a luxurious and exceptional experience that various skin types can benefit from.

The best part? You can enjoy these products knowing that they’re completely cruelty-free!

Does this sound exciting to you? Let’s now delve deeper into their Pinot Noir Collection.

Vine Vera Reviews: The Pinot Noir Collection

Vine Vera’s Pinot Noir Collection features 6 different skincare products designed to restore your skin’s youthful glow, and fight off signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. These products work best alongside each other to pamper your skin and rejuvenate it from inside and out.

Made with only the best ingredients, the Pinot Noir collection is all about making your skin baby smooth. These claims are only supported by countless accounts in the Vine Vera Reviews Section.

Want to know why this collection works? Let’s do an in-depth account of each product in the line:

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum

Pinot Noir serum

The first item in the collection is the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum, which claims to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of skin aging. This serum is perfect for those who struggle with dryness and issues with tone and texture.

This serum contains three major ingredients that target different skin concerns: Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Citrus Fruit Extract (Vitamin C), and Hyaluronic Acid. Of course, this serum also features the brand’s star ingredient, Resveratrol Ferment Extract.

Here’s why these ingredients are good for your skin:

Resveratrol Ferment Extract

Resveratrol is obtained from the skin of red grapes, which is an incredible antioxidant. This helps the body control the process of oxidation — a process that naturally occurs as we age, which damages the cells.

Resveratrol, a strong antioxidant, helps protect the skin cells from damage, and also slows down the skin’s aging process when applied topically. It also contains polyphenol  —  a chemical scientifically proven to activate SIRT1, or the “longevity gene.” This helps stimulate the creation of new cells, while preventing older cells from aging quicky.

What’s more, resveratrol also offers protection against sun damage — the number one cause of aging skin. Through this, it makes fine lines look softer, and also evens out the skin tone and instantly brightens

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that this serum can be your secret to healthier and younger-looking skin. Just check out Vine Vera reviews on different resveratrol products, and you can see for yourself how effective this ingredients!

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)

A retinol and Vitamin A derivative, Retinyl Palmitate provides the skin with the anti-aging effects of retinol, but in a gentler way. Compared to Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate has less side effects — you need not worry about redness, dryness, flaking or irritation.

Retinyl Palmitate has been proven to fight acne effectively. It controls acne severity and also reduces the number of acne lesions on the skin. Because it increases cell turnover, Retinyl Palmitate allows healthy skin to surface more quickly. This helps keep the pores clear and free from dead skin buildup.

But, that’s not all it does. Retinyl Palmitate is also an anti-aging wonder. It is essential in supporting the production and preventing the breakdown of collagen, which we know is essential in fighting aging. The result? Plumper and firmer skin, with softer lines and wrinkles!

Vitamin C

We all know that citrus fruits provide the body with Vitamin C. But did you know that, when applied topically, Vitamin C can benefit the skin in a lot of ways, too?

Vitamin C does wonders for the skin — it helps with uneven skin tone, acne scars, and skin dullness. It also has anti-aging properties, making it perfect to use alongside Resveratrol and Vitamin A!

Vitamin C fights aging by helping counteract the damage caused by both free radicals, and the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin C, like Resveratrol, is an antioxidant. That means, it helps the skin repair its damage cells, ensuring your skin remains healthy and renewed.

Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production. A highly acidic ingredient, Vitamin C triggers the skin’s healing process, which boosts its collagen and elastin production. This, in turn, keeps the skin looking firm. Collagen is also essential in fighting off fine lines and wrinkles!

Lastly, vitamin C brightens the skin. Through inhibiting the production of melanin – or the pigment that gives the skin its color – Vitamin C can keep the skin tone looking even.

Hyaluronic Acid

A naturally-occurring acid found on the eyes, skin, and joints, hyaluronic acid helps the skin hold moisture, which in turn keeps the skin elastic. However, this compound decreases as we age—which is why the skin becomes less firm over the years, especially if you don’t use skincare products that target these concerns.

Hyaluronic acid also helps heal burns and wounds, and is also great at for reversing the signs of aging.

This product is meant to be used at a daily basis, at both morning and night, and preferably after your favorite Vine Vera Cleanser. For best results, this is best used in conjunction with the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Cream.

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk

Vine Vera product

A silky solution that improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines instantly, the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk is a product that also fights the first signs of aging. This is another product that has received considerable praise in multiple Vine Vera reviews — all thanks to its ability to instantly improve the skin’s texture in no time.

Made with Resveratrol, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, this product contains a different set of ingredients with the same purpose: retaining the skin’s youthful glow, and reversing the signs of aging.

We already know about Resveratrol and Sodium Hyaluronate (the salt form of Hyaluronic Acid, which provides the same benefits to the skin as its parent compound), but what about the other Acetyl Hexapeptide-8?

Well, this ingredient is great in reducing the signs of aging, especially when it’s applied to problem areas in the skin. It also does wonders in relaxing deep facial wrinkles, and even helps prevent the development of further wrinkles.

This product is also best applied on a daily basis as part of your nighttime skincare routine. This is best used in combination with the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Cream

Next on the line is Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Cream. This moisturizing cream features the same essential ingredients as the serum, which all fight aging: Vitamins A and C, along with Resveratrol.

This moisturizing cream works best when paired with the serum in reducing signs of aging, hydrating the skin, and improving your overall skin tone and texture.

Given its ingredients list, it’s no surprise that this cream does wonders in keeping the skin youthful. With ingredients that both protect the skin from damage, and reverse damage done by aging, continuous use of this moisturizer will surely soften your lines and brighten your skin over time! That’s exactly why this product is raved upon in different Vine Vera reviews.

For best results, use this product immediately to end your nighttime skincare routine, preferably after applying the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Serum.

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Dissolving Pre Mask

Vine Vera Pinot Noir Mask

Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Pinot Noir Dissolving Pre Mask exfoliates and preps the skin for the Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask. This product, unlike most products on this line, focuses more on cleansing the skin and improving its texture.

Also made with resveratrol, this pre-mask provides the skin with its antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. But, apart from that, the Pinot Noir Dissolving Pre Mask also works as an exfoliant. This gently removes the impurities on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

The inclusion of Green Tea extract among its ingredient also adds protection against free radicals and pollution, while also soothing the skin.

To use this product, simply apply it on clean skin using circular motions. There is no need to rinse this off; rather, use the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask afterwards.

Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask

The Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask is a leave-on mask that targets aging and dryness. Infused with collagen and aloe vera, this will leave the skin feeling softer, smoother, and silkier.

Unlike most masks, this product is gentle enough to be left on the face rather than washed off. With the skin soothing effects of aloe vera, this mask can calm breakouts and heal the skin.

For this product, aloe vera takes the spotlight. This key ingredient boasts many different benefits such as:

  • Controlling inflammation. Aloe vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne.
  • Fighting aging. Aloe vera contains different antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, as well as Beta Carotene. These compounds boost the skin’s collagen production, reduce sun damage, and fight off free radicals that damage the skin.
  • Healing the skin. Aloe vera contains two hormones: axim and gibberellins. These two enhance the skin’s healing process through building healthy skin cells.
  • Moisturizing the skin. Aloe vera has high water content, making it the perfect lightweight moisturizer.

To reap all of these benefits, simply use this product once a week on clean, dry face. Don’t rinse this off; instead follow it up with the Pinot Noir Longevity Serum for best results.

Pinot Noir IV Line Perfector

Pinot Noir IV Line Perfector infographic

To conclude our Vine Vera reviews and insights for the Pinot Noir collection, let’s talk about the final product on the line: the Pinot Noir IV Line Perfector.

This product is a concentrated solution that instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Its powerful ingredients help smooth away the visible lines on the face, leaving the face feeling relaxed. It comes with a unique applicator for easier application.

How does it do this? Well, the secret lies in its two main ingredients: Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate (DMAE) and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (AH-3). We already know the role AH-3 has in reducing the signs of aging.

DMAE, on the other hand, helps retain skin firmness and prevent the skin from sagging. It also curbs inflammation on the skin, and is believed to help lessen wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

This product can be used daily, or as often as needed. Simply apply a small amount of the product onto the fingertips, then lightly tap this into the skin, focusing on problem areas.

Well, that concludes our run-through of the Pinot Noir Collection from Vine Vera. As you can see, each product in the line was carefully formulated to ensure it can effectively address wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Through these Vine Vera reviews, we hope we’ve helped you understand the brand a bit better.

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How to Find the Perfect Night Cream for Your Skin

Woman looking at skincare cream

Need a new night cream?

The search for the perfect product can sometimes seem next-to-impossible, but, today, you’re in luck. This Vine Vera guide explains everything that you need to know when looking for a new night cream. 


Can You Use a Day Cream at Night?

woman holding skin cream

Now to quickly address this commonly-asked question: can’t a day cream be used at night too, instead of a dedicated night cream?

Yes, definitely. There’s nothing wrong with using a day cream at night, and this is far better than not using any cream at all.

However, night cream formulas are different from day creams. They are designed to support how your skin cells function at night, which is very different from how they function during the day.

Day Creams vs Night Creams

During the day, your skin has so much environmental stress to deal with. UV radiation, pollution, chemicals…the list goes on. For this reason, your skin really puts up its defences during the day. It spends most of its resources (ie. nutrients, water, energy, and more) on protecting itself. Day creams usually contain protective ingredients to help with this.

On the other hand, once you go to sleep at night, your skin can then focus on healing and repairing damage, creating new skin cells, building collagen and elastin fibers, and so much more. Again, night creams are formulated to support these functions. They contain restorative and strengthening ingredients, which your skin cells will be able to put to immediate use.

So, when it comes down to it, so long as the cream that you’re using contains the ingredients that your skin needs at night, then it’s likely to be a great choice! 

Here are a couple of moisturizers that work well for both day and night:

Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer

Vitamin C is an ingredient that pretty much everybody would benefit from using, making this moisturizer a must-have in your skin care routine, no matter your skin type. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects and supports skin cells, while the other botanicals in this cream work to improve skin tone and texture.

Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Facelift

This silky moisturizer is wonderfully non-greasy, making it a great anti-aging solution for those with normal and oily skin types. Its active ingredients include DMAE, which offers an instant tightening effect, along with resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that reverses skin damage.


Know Your Skin Type

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Before even starting to look at the various night creams out there, you need to know what your skin type is.


Because the night cream that you use needs to be formulated for your skin type in order for it to provide maximum benefits.

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Not quite sure what your skin type is?

Have a read through the following to see which skin type your skin most resembles:

  • Dry Skin – Rough and flaky. Sometimes itchy, easily irritated, and can often feel tight. Look for products that contain humectants, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, as well as plant butters and oils
  • Oily Skin – Looks and feels greasy. Prone to acne breakouts. Look for products containing salicylic acid, witch hazel, and retinol. Non-comedogenic oils, such as jojoba oil, can be useful too
  • Combination Skin – A mixture of oily and dry. The oiliness most commonly affects the T-zone, while the dryness affects the cheeks. You’ll need two sets of products, one to target each area of your face
  • Normal Skin – Skin that is perfectly balanced, without any of the above issues. Feel free to experiment with the many exciting skin care products out there!
  • Sensitive Skin – Skin that is prone to redness and irritation. You’ll need ingredients that are soothing and gentle, such as calendula extract, chamomile extract, and plant butters. Avoid anything heavily fragranced, as fragrances are a big culprit when it comes to triggering skin sensitivities

Keep in mind that your skin type can change, both because of age as well as with the seasons. This means that you’ll need to keep reassessing your skin type in order to ensure that your night cream is always suitable.

One great moisturizer for all skin types is the Resveratrol Malbec DNA Redefying Cream. With its variety of different plant oils and butters, as well as the hydrating properties of seaweed extract, this lush moisturizer would be the perfect addition to your skin care routine if you’ve got dry skin. It’s the perfect blend for dealing with skin aging too, whether this may be fine lines and wrinkles or dark spots.


Identify Specific Skin Concerns

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it’s time to have a think about the specific skin concerns that you want your night cream to address.

The time during which you are asleep is when your skin works to regenerate and heal itself, making this a great time to use supportive products.

Has your list of skin concerns gotten pretty long?

While there are plenty of night creams out there that promise to multi-task, it’s best looking for one that focuses on one or two specific issues. This way, all of the ingredients within it will be geared towards those specific skin concerns, meaning better results.

So, identify the biggest skin concern that you want to target, along with one or two others. Some of the most common are:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Rough skin texture
  • Dark spots
  • Dullness
  • An uneven skin tone

If you’re looking for an effective anti-aging moisturizer, try the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Night Cream. This is a night cream designed to tackle the visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. It’s a formula that’s well-suited to dry skin, and is also soothing enough for some sensitive skin types to use without any problems.

While it’s important to focus on your face, don’t forget about your neck and your chest either. These areas age just as quickly as the face, meaning that they need just as much TLC. In addition to using a night cream on your face, try this decadent formula for your neck and chest to keep this part of your body looking smooth, tight, and youthful.


Understand Ingredients

If you’ve come this far, then by now you should know your skin type and have identified the skin concerns you’re looking to treat.

You are now armed with enough information to start your night cream search.

Most skin care websites make it pretty easy to filter out products by skin type and skin concern. However, just because a product’s description promises to target specific issues, this doesn’t mean that you should immediately believe it.

Marketing is a clever thing, and it’s easy to be persuaded and misled by strategically-used words.

Of course, product samples can be useful at this stage. However, many products, especially those that are triggering changes in the deeper layers of your skin, will take a couple of weeks, if not months, to really make a difference. A sample sized product definitely won’t last that long!

So, how do you know if a product is really going to do what its packaging says it does?

That’s simple – take a look at the ingredient list.

Learning How to Read a Skincare Ingredient List

Woman looking at skincare products

All good skincare products will have an ingredient list. If the one you’re considering doesn’t, then steer clear.

However, for those who are new to the world of skin care, that long list of scientific names, many of which may look impossible to pronounce, can seem overwhelming.

Don’t worry – while it may take a bit of time, learning how to read an ingredient list will make you a much smarter skin care shopper in the future.

To start with, look at the order of the ingredients. This will reflect how much of each ingredient has been used in that product. The first ingredient on the list is the one that the majority of the product is made up of, while the last ingredient on the list has been used in very small amounts.

Now, when it comes to the individual ingredients on that list, this is going to require a little research on your part. You want to make sure that the ingredients used are suitable for your skin type, while also being capable of treating your skin concerns. While you don’t need to look up every single ingredient on that list, the first five to ten are the most important.


Ethical and Environmental Values

If ethics and the environment matter to you, then it’s important to make sure that the skin care brands that you use align to these values too. After all, you don’t want to be supporting a business that’s completely opposite something that you strongly believe in.

Animal Testing

One subject that really matters to many is animal testing. While there may not have been much of an alternative to this back in the day, scientific advancements mean that there really is no need to test cosmetic products on animals now.

Here at Vine Vera, animal testing is something that we are very strongly opposed to. We would never test any of our products on animals.

Harmful Preservatives

Preservatives are always going to be a necessity in skin care products. However, while preservatives may have gotten a bad rep over the years, they’re not all bad.

That being said, any brand that does use damaging preservatives is one that you should question. Take parabens as an example. This groups of preservatives has been strongly linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. They have also been found in the bodies of marine animals, showing devastating environmental effects.

For this reason, you won’t find any parabens in Vine Vera skincare products.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people. Make sure that your chosen skin care brand holds up to sustainability standards. Packaging should be easily recyclable, and any botanical ingredients used should be sustainable to grow and harvest.


Set a Budget

Woman with credit card and laptop

When it comes to the many different skin care products out there, there are some that are worth investing in more than others, and a night cream is one of them.

A good night cream will truly look after your skin while you sleep, allowing you to wake up to a healthier and nourished complexion. This is a product that is worth spending a little extra on, even if this means that you need to cut your budget back in other areas of your skin care routine.

Plus, now that you understand how to find the perfect night cream, chances are that you won’t be willing to settle for anything less, even if that means spending a little bit more!

Found a night cream that you really cannot afford?

Be patient – you may find that it is put on sale in the near future. Signing up for that brand’s newsletter can help to ensure that you’re in-the-know when new sales are available.

Many brands, including Vine Vera, also offer giveaways and discount codes on social media, so click on that follow button!


It’s Time to Find the Perfect Night Cream!

When you first get started, shopping for a night cream can seem stressful. However, once you know more about what you’re looking for, and can also understand those crazy ingredient lists, the process becomes much more enjoyable. It’s a great feeling to be able to take control of your skin’s needs, and taking the time to find the perfect night cream is a good way to get started.

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Is Your Oily Skin Dehydrated?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Many people believe that if you have oily skin, it couldn’t possibly get dehydrated. Right?


With the changing of the seasons and with the influence of different factors, many people suffer from skin dehydration, whether they have normal, dry, oily skin, or a combination of the three.

The struggle with this skin condition is real, and in order to achieve well-hydrated skin, you have to first understand your skin type and its condition, and take effective steps towards solving the problem. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing – Vine Vera is here to help! Read on to learn more…

How to Deal with Oily Dehydrated Skin

Woman applying skin product

We’ll explain more about how to pinpoint whether your skin is oily and dehydrated further down. However, if you already know that you’re in this boat, here’s what you can do about it:

Use a Mild Cleanser

When we say mild cleanser, we mean a cleanser that is devoid of all the heavy, harmful chemicals. Until your skin restores its water, try to use a gentle cleanser, such as the Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser

And, don’t forget, water with which you clean your face mustn’t be too hot, or too cold, it needs to be just right, or in this case, lukewarm.

Use a Serum

If you add a serum that specifically targets dehydration to your skin routine, you are increasing your chances of solving the problem faster. Unlike moisturizers, a serum penetrates the skin faster due to its smaller molecules, and helps your skin better retain water. If you don’t yet have a go-to serum, give the Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum a try! 


Many are fooled by thinking that if they have oily skin, they mustn’t moisturize. However, moisturizing helps our skin create a barrier that will prevent loss of water. Be sure to look for a good moisturizer that is made for oily skin. That way, you will regulate the excess sebum production, while also hydrating your skin.

One good example would be the Vine Vera Resveratrol Chianti Morning Recovery. Not only does it contain plenty of hydrating ingredients, but it’s also formulated with licorice root extract, which helps to rebalance natural oil production in the skin. 

Don’t Forget About Sun Protection

The sun will only worsen both your oiliness and your dehydration, making sun protection a must. While a dedicated sunscreen is great, it can sometimes be more convenient to use a moisturizer that already contains SPF. This way, each time you reapply it, you’ll also be hydrating your skin a little bit more.

SPF30 is the way to go, such as with the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF30. This moisturizer/sunscreen doesn’t contain any pore-clogging ingredients, yet it’s still incredibly hydrating. This makes it a great choice for those with oily and dehydrated skin.


How Many Skin Types Are There and Which One is Mine?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

In order to determine which type your skin belongs to, you need to observe several factors – how much water there is in your skin, how oily it is and how sensitive it is. The water in the skin determines how elastic your skin is going to be, and the oil its softness.

Although we would all like to have the normal skin type and be devoid of all the troubles that go with for example, dry or oily skin, not many are fortunate enough. Yes, normal skin is not an attribute of the majority, whereas oily and dry skin is.

But let’s first go back a notch and see what skin type you actually are.

Normal Skin Type

The main feature of this skin type could be described in the same way Goldilocks describes the beds in the bears’ house: not too soft, not too hard, but just right.

Indeed, if you have a normal skin type, you certainly have a perfect balance of softness and firmness, and oiliness and dryness. You show no or little sensitivity to outer or inner irritants, and have a radiant complexion with barely visible pores.

Oh, how we envy you!

Dry Skin Type

Having dry skin could be painful most of the time, because the dryness of the skin affects its elasticity. Namely, if you have dry skin, you are more likely to have significantly less elasticity which can, more often than not, cause very painful skin breakage.

The complexion of people with dry skin is usually dull and rough. The skin is covered with red patches, especially in the winter month, when every type of skin is especially prone to get drier. This part of the year is particularly problematic and painful for the people with dry skin.

The other factors that usually make matters worse are: genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, UV rays, long hot baths and some ingredients in the products you use on your skin, which can cause your skin to show signs of irritation.

Unfortunately, due to your skin losing its elasticity, you are more likely to have visible lines and other signs of aging.

In order to solve these problems, you have to help your skin stay hydrated. Rich skincare products that are designed for dry skin are what you need, such as the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Longevity Cream from Vine Vera. 

Oily Skin Type

If you are asking yourself who is having a rougher time, people with dry or oily skin, the answer is – everybody! Each side has its own problems.

The main features oily skin are enlarged pores, dull complexion or an overly shiny one, blackheads and other skin blemishes. Oily skin is more prone to acne breakouts. The reason for this lies in the fact that oily skin produces extra sebum which is clogging the pores, and causing inflammations.

The level of “oiliness” of your skin can change during time, and can be a consequence of many different factors: puberty, stress, hormonal changes, too much humidity, or a wrong product you are applying on your skin.

In order to look after your oily skin, you need to wash it regularly, exfoliate at least once a week, and, for crying out loud, don’t ever squeeze the pimples, because if you do, it will take you forever to heal.

We should always look on the brighter side, though. Oily skin is less likely to get wrinkles.

Combination Skin Type

This type of skin has all of the features of all the different skin types. One part of the skin can be normal, the other part oily and the other one extremely dry.

People with combination skin usually have problems with their T-zone (nose, forehead and chin).

Unfortunately, the range of problems one might have with this type of skin is very wide. You could have enlarged pores and acne breakout on one hand, and skin breakage on the other.

The proper way of treating this type of skin includes different types of products and individual treatment for different zones.


Skin Condition vs. Skin Type

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Now that we have explained the difference between different skin types, we hope that you have managed to determine which one is yours.

When we talk about skin, it is important to make a difference between your skin type and the skin condition you might have.

Skin type includes the general features your skin has, whereas skin condition is something you might get due to different external and internal factors, and it is usually of temporary nature.

The external factors that cause the appearance of a certain skin condition include: poor nutrition, climate, exposure to outer irritants and your skincare routine. On the other hand, internal factors include the fluctuation of hormonal levels, stress levels and natural aging process.

There are five basic types of skin conditions and those include aging skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, skin pigmentation and blemish prone skin.

Aging Skin

Even though there are other types of skin conditions that are more serious, this one seems to affect us the most. Throughout years, decades, even centuries, emphasis has been put on slowing down the aging process, and making your skin look younger and fresher. That is why it comes as no surprise that most skincare products today are designed to slow down the ageing process.

(If you’re looking for a new anti-ager, try the Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer from Vine Vera.)

Sensitive Skin

If you easily break out in rashes and if your skin is itchy most of the time, then you are considered to have sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this condition has a number of possible causes ranging from genetic factors to different environmental influences. In order to take care of this condition and relieve yourself of uneasiness and discomfort you might have, it is best to try to avoid the detrimental outside irritants and apply different skincare products.

Skin Pigmentation

Next to aging skin, this is one of the conditions that troubles people the most. Hormonal changes and genetic predisposition are the likeliest reason behind the change, as well as UV radiation which is only making it worse. UV rays cause the overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for the color of your skin. By adding any product that has additional Vitamin A in it, you could find a solution to your problem and get a nice and radiant complexion.

Blemish-Prone Skin

This condition is mostly found with people with oily skin. It occurs when the area around the hair follicles gets congested with oil and dead skin cells. Various factors affect your skin to become blemish-prone – hormonal changes, diet and environment.

Again, salvation could be found in finding a proper cleanser and adopting a proper skincare routine which will clean your skin properly and give it appropriate nourishment.

Dehydrated Skin – Everybody’s Problem

Dull and tired skin is certainly something that nobody wants to have. However, when your skin has problems with keeping the moisture in, it begins to flake and crack. Those are the first signs of your skin lacking moisture.

As it has previously been mentioned, even though there is a misconception that only people with dry skin suffer from dehydration, this is not true. Every type of skin can suffer from dehydration, even the oily one. 


Signs Your Oily Skin is Dehydrated

Woman scratching skin

Think that your oily skin may be dehydrated? Here’s how to know for sure…

The Appearance of Dark Circles and Dullness

When your skin is dehydrated, it loses its radiance.

When this happens, your complexion usually appears very dull. In addition, there is a chance that the dark circles under your eyes become more noticeable.

Your Skin Becomes Itchy and Irritated

Without water to hydrate the barrier layer of your skin, the layer that protects your skin from outer irritants, these irritants are more likely to penetrate the skin and cause damage. Itchiness and irritation are soon to follow as a response to the changes.


As it has been said, when oily skin becomes dehydrated, it generally tries to compensate for the lack of water by overproducing oil. However, this increased amount of sebum is what causes problems to people with oily skin to begin with. It clogs the pores and creates a fertile ground for various bacteria to flourish and cause infections. As a result, acne breakouts appear more intensively.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Even though we have mentioned that the benefit of oily skin is that signs of aging come much later, unfortunately, if you are suffering from dehydrated skin, you are also going to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dehydration influences both the surface and deeper layers of the skin and, therefore, causes the deeper lines to become more visible. Luckily, their noticeability diminishes significantly once the skin is back to a state of hydration.


Reasons for Dehydration

Woman outside on windy day

Outdoor Irritants

If you think only sun rays can draw water out of your skin, you are wrong. There are many environmental factors that cause water shortage in the layers of your skin. Dry wind and air can also cause the water to be released from your skin easily, causing itchiness and irritation.

Poor Diet

Unhealthy food and beverages are the reason behind many health issues and conditions people have today. So, it is not surprising that skin dehydration is one of them. Overconsumption of coffee, alcohol, fast food and sweets can disrupt metabolic processes, and, among other things, it may cause your skin to lose the water it needs to be healthy and fresh-looking.

Hot Showers and Baths

Who would have thought, right? Unfortunately, it is true. When you expose your skin to hot water, it removes the protective oil layer from your skin, which is responsible for retaining water. This way, your skin is more likely to lose the water, making your skin dehydrated.

Inappropriate Skincare Routine

Sometimes, by trying to remove the excess oil from the surface of their skin, people do more harm than good. You might use cleansers that are just too drying and irritating or scrubs that are just too harsh, thinking that you will remove the excess sebum more effectively, but this is only going to have a counter effect.

Skin is a delicate organ, and it needs to be dealt with carefully and mildly.

One more mistake people with oily skin are making is that they are using products which have high amounts of alcohol in them. Alcohol is an extremely drying substance, and causes your skin to lose water fast.

Hopefully, by following the above tips, you’ll be able to keep your oily skin hydrated and enjoy a healthier complexion for years to come!

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7 Ingredients That Stimulate Blood Circulation for an Instant Glow

Woman applying face serum

Skincare enthusiasts focus on the same old steps when it comes to caring for their complexion. There’s hydration for that plumpness and glass-like dewiness, exfoliation to brighten the skin and get rid of acne scars, and even clay masking to purify and detoxify your pesky little pores.

But some people—younger ones especially—forget to look after proper blood circulation, which gives the skin a nice glow. It sounds a bit medical, like it’s not even a cosmetic concern. Many of us often take for granted the fact that good circulation makes our skin look incredible.

It’s the secret to a naturally radiant and rosy flush that makes you glow. It gives your skin a luminosity that not even your favorite moisturizers and exfoliating toners can do!

Here’s the lowdown on good blood circulation and what it actually does for the skin, plus seven powerhouse ingredients that can help you achieve that healthy glow!


Why is Good Blood Circulation Important for Our Skin’s Appearance?

Woman applying face cream

Let’s have a quick refresher on a simple high school lesson, shall we? Red blood cells travel all over the body, delivering much-needed oxygen to all the organs to get them to function correctly.

Good blood flow means that your entire body is oxygenated and is working properly. It also means it can eliminate all the waste that can clog up your veins and arteries as it flows.

The Problem with Poor Circulation

Now, in the case of bad blood circulation, your organs aren’t getting all the nutrients they need to function properly. This can cause serious issues, especially if your blood vessels get clogged up with fats and plaque, constricting your blood’s passageway.

An inadequate blood flow can also affect how your skin looks, making it look dull and lifeless since your body doesn’t have enough vitamins and nutrients going around to keep you looking radiant and luminous.

Bad circulation can also cause pigmentation issues leading to an uneven tone. This is because your cells aren’t oxygenated enough to look uniform and color and radiance.

Other issues bad blood circulation can cause on the skin are slow inflammation and wound healing, the appearance of dark and baggy under-eyes, and even premature aging. We don’t want fine lines and wrinkles early on in life, now do we?

All these negative side effects of poor blood circulation are the reason why many Asian women love to use jade rollers and gua sha tools to massage their face and encourage proper circulation. And we all know how youthfully radiant women of Asian descent look even in their golden years.


7 Circulation-Boosting Ingredients to Look Out For to Give You Glowy Skin

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re boosting blood circulation—particularly in the face—is by using skincare products only with the best circulation-boosting ingredients. These ingredients and vitamins penetrate the skin and promote a healthy blood flow, and consequently, glowy skin.

Keep your eyes peeled for these seven ingredients. They have excellent properties to aid in boosting your blood circulation, so you surely won’t want to miss out.


Woman applying face cream

This derivative of vitamin A is a magic word for anyone looking into anti-aging skincare products. It has quite a reputation for reversing the signs of skin aging by tightening the skin and amping up collagen and elastin production, effectively kissing those fine lines and wrinkles goodbye.

But another reason retinoids are a fan-favorite is that they give the skin a naturally radiant glow. That’s because they’re known to boost blood circulation, making your skin look super healthy.

Retinoids also encourage your body to create new blood vessels, making more passageways for your blood to travel throughout your organs. Needless to say, this gives blood circulation another leg up.

Green Tea

This ingredient helps with blood circulation, whether it’s the star ingredient of your favorite skincare product or ingested as a matcha drink.

Green tea has properties that widen and dilate your blood vessels, giving your blood more space to travel throughout your body and distribute all the essential vitamins to your systems.

It also has antioxidants that strengthen your skin and protect it from free radical damage, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe your skin when it’s irritated and inflamed because of any active breakouts.

Green tea is excellent at boosting your skin’s overall health. It even helps prevent serious skin disorders, such as skin cancer.

Red Algae

You might be thinking, “Gross! How could anyone put algae on their skin?” Well, the answer is: anyone serious about protecting and enriching their skin with antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins that keep it plump and hydrated.

Algae helps improve your blood circulation and moisturize the skin, which is why it’s a popular ingredient in Asian skincare. It manages excess sebum production and makes the skin more resilient to inflammation, so it’s something you may fall in love with if you have problematic, acne-prone skin.

It also promotes healthy cell renewal and turnover, which helps speed up the process of shedding dead skin cells and revealing fresh, brighter, and more rejuvenated skin lying beneath.

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, this type of vitamin B is super impactful in improving your blood flow. It increases the blood vessel function, making it more energized and ready to deliver oxygen all over your system to give your skin a bright, healthy flush.

It’s very impressive at taming and soothing inflammation in your blood vessels and arteries, which should come as no surprise because niacinamide is a fan-favorite skincare vitamin for soothing the skin and clearing up redness due to acne.

Vitamin B3 also reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood when ingested through food or supplements. That means it won’t be so clogged and blocked, making room for a faster and more efficient blood flow.


Ginseng root on tray

This spice is known to be a vasodilator, similar to peppermint and other spices and oils. That means ginseng root extracts have the power to dilate your blood vessels, making it easy for your red blood cells to deliver nutrients and vitamins all over the body.

This boost in blood circulation makes your skin look fresh and glowy, but that’s not the only thing about it that can give your complexion some radiance and plumpness.

Ginseng is also known for its fantastic anti-aging properties that keep the skin firm and taut. It’s also rich in vitamin B for an extra blood flow boost and antioxidants to protect the skin from oxidative stress from pollution and the elements.


This fruit isn’t just perfect over toast for breakfast—it’s also a secret weapon to promoting healthy blood circulation. Avocado extracts and oils are excellent for the skin because they have a lot of vitamin A, which improves cell turnover to give you a healthy glow and sheen.

It also has amino acids and healthy fats that moisturize the skin in its deeper layers. This keeps the complexion plump and the skin barrier strong and fortified. Its antioxidants zap away toxins in the skin that could cause stress and premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Avocado oil can also promote healthy blood circulation for an instant glow. It even helps produce new skin cells because the entire skin area receives all the nutrients and energy needed.


We’ve saved the best for last on this list. Resveratrol is an ingredient usually found in berries, grapes, and wine.

In recent years, it has become quite a trendy skincare product for those with sensitive skin. Many people see it as an ingredient that soothes the skin, but in reality, it offers so much more than that.

Aside from reducing redness from inflammation, it also protects your skin from UV rays and boosts collagen production. But the most crucial benefit it provides is good blood circulation.

Resveratrol works to protect and strengthen your blood vessels to prevent any impairment or dysfunction. It does so by impeding blood clots and lowering cholesterol so that no blockages are hampering your blood flow.

It also boosts the amount of nitric oxide in your body, which ensures that your vessels are properly dilated for your red blood cells to travel through and deliver nutrients all over the body.

Resveratrol is a hot new skincare ingredient for sophisticated women in need of an extra glow (and also wine lovers looking for yet another reason to love and rave about their favorite drink!). If you want to try it out for yourself, look no further than Vine Vera.

A terrific moisturizer to incorporate into your circulation-boosting skincare routine is Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Moisture Day Cream. This product is rich in resveratrol and vitamin E, both of which are holy grails for blood circulation.

It’s also packed with shea butter to replenish the skin with intense moisture. With this nourishing cream’s triple threat list of active ingredients, it’s perfect for dry and mature skin that needs extra strength and protection from the elements and a boost in elasticity and bounce.

While these ingredients and nutrients may be your ticket to healthy, glowing skin thanks to better blood circulation, know that they aren’t quick-acting miracle workers.

It takes time to see a difference in your skin when incorporating these into your routine. Consistency is key if you want to see results, so stick with it, and you’ll be as radiant as the sun in no time.


Lifestyle Changes That Can Promote Healthy Blood Circulation

Woman exercising at home

While it’s easier and more convenient to rely on skincare products to boost blood circulation, there are a couple of healthy lifestyle changes that could make an even more significant impact when adopted in conjunction with circulation-boosting products.


Exercising is one of the best things you can do to promote better blood circulation all over your body. Pumping up your heart rate by jogging, doing jumping jacks, or even just pacing around the house can improve your blood flow and give your skin that glow you’re yearning for.

You can elevate your fitness regimen by getting into yoga and meditation. Reducing your stress levels through these is also a surefire way to improve your blood circulation significantly.

Getting massages regularly is another thing that can help increase blood flow in the face and body. Because you’re stimulating the skin, it allows for speedier blood circulation, giving you a rosy flush and natural radiance almost instantly.


Being more conscious of what you eat is also crucial when trying to improve your circulation. Eating too many salty foods can raise your blood pressure, which keeps your blood flow from being efficient. Cut down on processed foods and too-hearty meals and balance it out with lighter, healthier snacks.

Turn instead to foods that are high in vitamins E and A, like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocados, and more. These help prevent blood clotting in your veins, promoting healthier circulation with no blockage.

Load up on garlic, onions, and spices like cayenne pepper when cooking your fave meals as well. They can also reduce inflammation in your blood vessels, therefore stimulating your circulation.


Lastly, always remember to hydrate. Drinking a lot of water is healthy for many reasons, but it plays a huge role in blood circulation.

Staying hydrated maintains the volume of blood your body has. Without hydrating regularly, there won’t be enough blood cells to flush out toxins or keep your skin looking radiant.



How your skin looks is always going to be a reflection of what’s going on inside your body. Blood circulation may primarily be a health concern, but it has impressive benefits to the skin when maintained properly.

There are many ways to keep tabs on your blood circulation, from committing to a more nutritious diet  to incorporating the crème de la crème of circulation-boosting ingredients.

Putting blood circulation on top of your priority list when shopping for skincare may be uncommon, but it’s something that can change the game for you and your skin.

Trying out products with any of the seven ingredients listed above may just surprise you, and the prize is none other than smooth, radiant, and clear skin.