vine vera exfoliateExfoliating is an essential step in the care of your skin. When you exfoliate properly, you remove a buildup of dirt, grime, and dead skin cells that causes the skin to look dull and old, and no one wants that. When you exfoliate as part of your daily skin care routine, you help to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Vine Vera reveals the best ways to exfoliate so that you will have glowing, beautiful skin.


There are several different ways to exfoliate, and the way that is right for you is up to personal preference. Try exfoliating different ways and see which feels best for your skin as well as which you enjoy the most. 


1. Before you shower, squeeze a small amount of body scrub into your hand. Massage the body scrub into your skin using a gentle circular motion. Start massaging at your ankles and work your way up. Using a loofah or exfoliating gloves will give you even smoother results according to Vine Vera. Rinse the body scrub off in the shower, and then apply a moisturizing body lotion immediately after you get out of the shower. This locks moisture into your skin.


2. Squeeze shower gel or body wash onto a loofah. Using the loofah, gently massage the shower gel into your skin. The roughness of the loofah will help to remove buildup from the skin. In addition, you can purchase shower gel that has exfoliating beads in it. Be sure to be gentle as you are massaging, though, so that you do not accidentally cause damage to your skin. When you have finished massaging the shower gel into your skin, rinse and apply a body lotion to help keep the moisture in your skin.


3. Use skincare products that contain natural exfoliants. Or, create a natural exfoliate yourself. Collect a cupful of wet sand. Gently use your fingers to massage the sand all over your skin. The roughness of the sand removes dead skin cells, dirt, and grime from the surface of your skin. Rinse the sand off and shower as you normally do. Lather on a tiny bit of soap in order to remove any residue left by the sand, but do not overdo it. Finally, apply a body lotion to lock in moisture.