Critic Reviews Zinfandel Illuminating Mask

Posted on July 29, 2013
Vine Vera Zinfandel Illuminating Mask

The, a respected critic in the world of fashion and beauty recently featured Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Zinfandel Illuminating Mask, in FashionSpot’s latest beauty product slide show titled “Get Buzzed Off These Booze-Inspired Beauty Products.”

The editors had a lot to say about the illuminating mask from Vine Vera, encouraging their readers to “Drink in all the intoxicating beauty benefits of this must-have mask. Inspired by the sweetest summer wine (Zinfandel), it’s designed to diminish the appearance of age spots, sun damage and discoloration.”

Click here to view the full slide show from the

The Zinfandel Illuminating Face Mask is specially infused with the antioxidant Resveratrol. Resveratrol is scientifically shown to aid in skin regeneration, promoting younger, healthier looking skin.

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